played by Kelly Hardie

BODY: 10

AV: 9
DV: 7

HP: 145
EP: 90

CASH: $23.85

Age: 30
Gender: female
Ethnicity: French
Hometown: New Orleans
Religion: Catholic
Profession: reporter
Relationships: father Tristan, mother Claudette, nanny Delilah

terrakinesis, 50 damage (2000 lbs), roll 12 or less
navy pistol, 10 damage, roll 12 or less
stone sword, 8 damage, roll 9 or less
dagger, 7 damage, roll 9 or less
spear (at Manor), 6 damage, roll 9 or less
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 7 or less

doors to Manor:
- bathrooms: Nautilus
- libraries: Oxford University
- clubs: Crimson Casino, X Club (London), Outsiders lounge (Lost Kingdom)
- churches: Knights Templar (London)
- cities: Paris, Berlin, Barovia, Flagstaff, Versailles, Baltimore, Zodanga
- docks: Southampton, Hong Kong, Kitty Hawk, Alexandria
- homes: LeBlanc (New Orleans), La Roque (Arles)
- forests: Neverland, Sarasota, Kingdom of Zemlak, Grover's Mill
- caves: Krakatoa (landslide?), Alexandria necropolis
- trains: Paris-to-Berlin, Paris-to-Arles
- landmarks: Stonehenge, Mars landing site
- laboratories: Ras Thavas's lab
- utilities: Matai Shang's fortress (power room)
- other: Atlantis arena, Cairo portal room, Dreamlands moon

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