Italicized items are kept at the Manor.

alcohol: for lantern, not drinking

Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 6 bullets remaining

arcane trap symbols: scrap of paper with copied trap symbols from ruined Vault

arrows (2)

assorted food: two meals' worth

black hooded cloak: loot from Dracula's tomb

bloody wood: small section of wall with Eric Sheppard's dried blood on it

blouse (2)

blue pebbles (20): from Dunwich

book: Embalming: The Lost Art

book: Life Among the Undead: Rules of the Game

book: Masonry and Woodworking

book: The Nature of Blood: An Apprentice's Handbook

bottle of smoke: loot from Dracula's tomb

bottles of wine (2): taken from Machiavelli


breathe underwater potion: lasts five minutes

bullets, pistol (army) (21): blessed

bullets, pistol (navy) (47): blessed


candles (5)



cape, opera

chalk (5)

cigarette case, waterproof

cigarettes (10)

cobblestones (10)

Crimson Casino penny chips (100)

crucifix: large (12"), kept on beaded string

dagger (2): 7 damage

Delilah's locket

Dr. Moreau's notebook

dress, fancy

dynamite (4): blessed

dynamite (sticks) (3): ringed by solid rock ("rock-ets")

eagle feathers (10)

enchanted ring: half damage from falling

English-Spanish dictionary

Eric Sheppard's personal journal

facemask of cultist: taken from Six-Fingered Hand cultist

fake La Lumière ring

fireplace set: bellows, shovel, brush, broken poker

gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns

giant snake meat (5)

gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli

gold ring: dented, worn

golden bird: Imhotep's messenger

gunpowder fuse: 50' long


head scarf

healing potion: +10hp

healing potion: 100% of hp restored, one dose

healing potion: restores full HP

healing potions (2): restore all HP

healing salve (3): heals 50hp

huge spider eye: as big as a basketball


itching powder

jars of magic components (3): eye of newt, hair of bat, snail hearts

La Lumière silver ring (2)

language potions (5): speak any language for 5 minutes

le peau de chagrin: two uses left

mace: enchanted, does +20 damage

magic pigeon: one sentence

map to Grover's Mill

map to Ptahme's pyramid: drawn on notebook page torn out

Martian rocks (3)

mask: phantom mask worn by Fantômas

matchbox: usually silver

matches (25)

matches (10)

Menes necklace: gold amulet that says "Menes" on chain

mittens (2)

Molotov cocktails (3): homemade by Deke Bishop

mummy linens: taken from Serilia

net with stones woven in: blessed

nitroglycerine: one vial

obsidian shards (6): each about the size of a nail

Organization journal: full of scribbled spell notes

overcoat (2)


pencils (2)

pistol, army: 12 damage

pistol, Army: 12 damage

pistol, navy: 10 damage [carried by Rose]

portal stone to Manor

potion of limited suggestibility: can make victim pliable to non-violent commands

press pass

Prophecy of the Nine scroll: shows Earth encircled by nine symbols

quill pen

Ravenloft outfit

resurrection potion

resurrection potion: use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient

ring of resurrection: whoever wears it will come back from death within minutes (1x use)

rope, 50' length

rusty halberd (2): no damage

scarf (2)

scrolls: Protection from Magic, Flame Strike, Restoration, Charm, Fireball, Bolt, Slow (each 1 use)

sheath, knife (2)

shoes (2)

silver dollar: edge sharp, stuck on rock

silver ring with Crimson Dawn insignia

skirt, walking

spectacles: normal eyeglasses

stakes, wooden (11): blessed, rocks attached to ends


stone bracelet

stone necklace: gift from Nann

stone shield: blessed

stone sword: 8 damage, weighs 25 pounds

stones (16)

sword of defense: 10 damage, add +2 to DCV if holding sword in hands


transmutation spellbook: by Desdamonia (annotated by William Calhoun)

undead life scroll: activate, bury w/ dead, they attack grave robbers

undead-sensing amulet: glows yellow near zombies

vampire dirt: handful taken from ship to Lima

vials of holy water (2): one use each

wiki book

Wintersnap scroll: loot from Dracula's tomb

wolfsbane: (one use)

wooden shoes: loot from Dracula's tomb