45 base points
+2 for drawn picture
+10 for written biography
+24 for wiki contributions
+1 for Compulsive Curiosity (1x1)
+1 for Curse (1x1)
+1 for Marked (1x1)
+1 for No Sense of Danger (1x1)
+1 for Protector (1x1)
+1 for Sensory Impairment (1x1)
+2 for Significant Other (1x1+1)
+1 for realizing how to destroy the clock (The House with a Clock in Its Walls)
+1 for digging up info about La Lumière (Background Check)
+1 for leadership and group direction (Morning Edition)
+1 for figuring out how to reach La Lumière (Sects and the City)
+1 for convincing the police of the group's innocence (Frail Sisters)
+1 for good questioning and research (Secrets and Lies)
+1 for comforting Carter in mourning (The End of the World)
+1 for defeating Severino alone (Let Not the Dragon Be My Guide)
+1 for role-playing (Revelations)
+1 for selfless defense of Gao (Conductors)
+1 for filing a police report about the Meijers (Lux Aeterna)
+1 for seeking details about the Brotherhood (Post-Mortem)
+1 for defeating Ambrosia Moreshead (Possessions)
+1 for rescuing everyone from the black water (Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies)
+1 for clever interrogation of the ship captain (Horror Victorianorum)
+1 for subduing Jack Griffin (A Grotesque Romance)
+1 for rescuing the burning driver (The Game is Afoot)
+1 for defeating Mr. Hyde (Globe Theatre)
+1 for defeating many attackers by crashing the plane into them (Fight or Flight)
+1 for suggesting the paranormal investigation service (Method of Loci)
+1 for deducing the identity of Jill Knight (Knightshade)
+1 for catching the Skunk Ape in a stone cage (Into the Woods)
+1 for freeing herself from the net (Beasts of Every Land and Clime)
+1 for smart theories about Lucinda's warning (For We are Many)
+1 for plan to enter judge's office in secret (Terminus)
+1 for defeating the White Legion spell (Sole Survivor)
+1 for connecting Broussard's drafted legislation with his disappearance (Bayou Blues)
+1 for creative work on the voodoo doll (Pins and Needles)
+1 for curing Caleb's poisoning (Den of Evil)
+1 for destroying John Malveau (La Grande Zombi)
+1 for good speculation about what's really happening (Hic Sunt Dracones)
+1 for solving the riddle (Oneirocritica)
+1 for freeing herself from the cobra trap (Phantoms)
+1 for trying to save Favraux's life (The Lyon, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
+1 for theories about doppelgangers and red widows (Une histoire de la Mort Rouge)
+1 for good questions to ask the Oracle (Enlightenment)
+1 for dispelling the rats with a voodoo charm (Flotsam)
+1 for suggesting a wolfsbane test on the mental patient (New Blood)
+1 for devising a plan to protect passengers (Derailment)
+1 as bonus for 100th game session (Auribus Teneo Lupum)
+1 for successfully evading questions about "La Femme du Ciel" without magic (Fearsome Beast)
+1 for deducing that Caleb is a reincarnation of Claudius (When in Rome)
+1 for warning off Liesel Schreiner instead of killing her (They Tell Me You are Wicked and I Believe Them)
+1 for destroying the mausoleum spider (Victory or Death)
+1 for teamwork in defeating Zackaari (Dies Irae)
+1 for deducing the meaning of the bishop message (Zwischenzug)
+1 for deducing the connection to Biblical plagues (Wild West)
+1 for rapidly solving the puzzle and riddle in the library (Let's Play the Feud)
+1 for solving the wine bottle puzzle (Door Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number Three?)
+1 for escaping from the Shaolin Temple trap (Dragon Meets Phoenix)
+1 for deducing the nature of what Deke saw and Sagesse heard (Crazy Train)
+1 for fleeing (with a quick way back) to test reality (Alternating Currents)
+1 in Dr. Caligari's laboratory (Polymorphic Recursion)
+1 for rescuing the group from space (Horror Vacui)
+1 for stabilizing the caves beneath the village (Brave)
+1 for creative role-playing (Les Bon Temps)
+1 for getting the Pazuzu cultists to surrender (A Struggle That Seems Lost is the Most Exciting)
+1 for killing Michelle LeDuece with a piece of silver (Bound)
+1 for keeping the mission on track by not investigating hints about her parents (Choose Your Own Adventure)
+1 for deducing the meaning of "help me sister" (Irregular Playing Patterns)
+1 for striking a deal with Sumuru for future trades (The Lady, or the Tiger?)
+1 for freeing Deke from the quicksand (Terribilis est locus iste)
+1 for destroying Coetlicrota the Undying (Meltdown)
+1 for protecting Elise's significant others during battle (Stabilimentum)
+1 for devising a way to escape the void (Requiescat in Pace)
+1 for consoling La Lumière agents in shock and grief (There I Recognize No Master)
+1 for defeating Gao in the arena (Critical Hits)
+1 for defeating Nannuraluk in the arena (A Fire in the Belly)
+1 for sparing the life of old Mrs. Pfeiffer (Let's Kill Dracula)
+1 for navigating via left and right directions (Carnival)
+1 for drawing the Vistani symbol (Blood on the Vine)
+1 for defeating Serilia (Water Torture)
+1 for deciphering the meaning of the hieroglyphics and castle heart (Mad Science)
+1 for slaying Dracula (Defanged)
+1 for protecting her family (The One Who Comes in Peace)
+1 for trying to save the pirates' lives (Obedience or Oblivion)
+1 for using a resurrection potion to save Menes (Biblioclasm)
+1 as bonus for 200th game session (There is Only Death)
+1 for venturing into the ship's foul lower levels to retrieve the skull (The Final Voyage of Thorgerd Skulisbane)
+1 for arguing stridently against Caleb's historical revisions (Sand and Water)
+1 for protecting the time machine (Postponing War)
+1 for defeating Richelieu (La tragedia della Fenice)
+1 for saving Bernhard and Paige Thompson (The Child)
+1 for protecting Metzengerstein from snipers (Caleb Lonergan Must Die!)
+1 for working out a hearing with Die Wächtern (The Mediator Between Head and Hands)
+1 for saving Si Ronda's life and attempting to save more (The Ultimate Purpose of Crime)
+1 for thinking to consult Egyptologist John Sheppard's spirit for advice (Baucalis)
+1 for organizing the plan of attack on the pyramid (Alexandria Night)
+1 for investigating the nine symbols (Solve for X)
+1 for a novel way to dispose of the tripods (Endgame)
+1 for using Krakatoa's lava pit to destroy tripods (Across the Gulf of Space)
+1 for defeating Matai Shang (Red Planet)
+1 for ending the invasion of Earth (Red Planet)
+1 for killing Frankenstein (again) (Our Present Story is Ended)
+1 for trying in vain to make peace with the mi-go (Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past)
+1 for various suggestions about qabals and symbols (You Might Find Something to Amuse You)
+1 for ideas about qabal symbols (Promises to End in an Honoured Old Age)
+1 for theories about room movement (All the Living and the Dead)
+1 for killing Coetlicrota the Undying (The Means of Uniting Them)
+1 for moral qualms around killing Calhoun (We Shall Never Be Again as We Were)
+1 for zeroing in on correct answers quickly (All Now Living Have the Right to Give an Answer)
+1 for suggesting agelessness for Imhotep (Level Sands Stretch Far Away)
+1 for defeating Imhotep and the Red Death (Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory)
+1 for restoring the universe (To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield)
+237 for attendance
+5 catchup points
=435 total points

145 points for stats (1/3 of 435)
+4 for chapter reports
-1 for Body 1
-2 for Body 2
-3 for Body 3
-4 for Body 4
-5 for Body 5
-6 for Body 6
-7 for Body 7
-8 for Body 8
-9 for Body 9
-10 for Body 10
-1 for Mind 1
-2 for Mind 2
-3 for Mind 3
-4 for Mind 4
-5 for Mind 5
-6 for Mind 6
-7 for Mind 7
-8 for Mind 8
-9 for Mind 9
-1 for Soul 1
-2 for Soul 2
-3 for Soul 3
-4 for Soul 4
-5 for Soul 5
-6 for Soul 6
-7 for Soul 7
-8 for Soul 8
-9 for Soul 9
=4 remaining points for stats

145 points for attributes (1/3 of 435)
+4 for chapter reports
-4 for Ageless (4x1)
-3 for Astral Projection (1x3)
-3 for Connected Portals (1x3)
-2 for Creature Sense (2x1)
-16 for Dimensional Portal (4x3+4)
-5 for Dispel Magic (1x5)
-2 for Environmental Resistance (2x1)
-1 for Exorcism (1x1)
-5 for Extra Attacks (1x5)
-1 for Features (1x1)
-2 for Groupthink (1x2)
-2 for Gunslinger (1x2)
-10 for Hearty (5x2)
-8 for Highly Skilled (4x2)
-10 for Invisibility (2x5)
-10 for Item of Power (5x2)
-4 for Magic (1x4)
-2 for More Capable (1x2)
-3 for Organizational Ties (1x1+2)
-1 for Personal Gear (1x1)
-2 for Recharge (1x2)
-9 for Regeneration (3x3)
-6 for Reincarnation (2x3)
-3 for Servant (1x3)
-6 for Sixth Sense (3x2)
-6 for Speed (3x2)
-2 for Spirit Communication (1x2)
-1 for Spirit Ward (1x1)
-11 for Telekinesis (5x3-4)
-6 for Tongues (3x2)
=3 remaining points for attributes

145 points for skills (1/3 of 435)
+20 for Highly Skilled
+2 for chapter reports
-2 for Acrobatics (2x1)
-2 for Animal Training (1x2)
-8 for Artisan (4x2)
-1 for Cooking (1x1)
-3 for Driving (1x3)
-3 for Education (3x1)
-1 for specialization Social
-2 for Escape (1x2)
-4 for Etiquette (1x4)
-1 for specialization High Society
-8 for Firearms (4x2)
-1 for specialization Pistol
-6 for Interrogation (3x2)
-1 for specialization Psychological
-3 for Intimidation (3x1)
-9 for Languages (3x3)
-3 for specializations Latin, French, Spanish
-3 for Law (1x3)
-8 for Medical (2x4)
-4 for Melee Attack (2x2)
-6 for Melee Defense (3x2)
-6 for Navigation (6x1)
-15 for Occult (3x5)
-1 for specialization Voodoo
-6 for Persuasion (6x1)
-4 for Piloting (1x4)
-3 for Research (3x1)
-3 for specializations Library, News Archives, Public Records
-12 for Stealth (6x2)
-1 for specialization Silent Movement
-2 for Swimming (1x2)
-10 for Thrown Weapons (5x2)
-1 for specialization Rocks
-6 for Unarmed Attack (6x1)
-6 for Unarmed Defense (6x1)
-2 for Urban Tracking (2x1)
-5 for Writing (5x1)
-1 for specialization Journalistic
=4 remaining points for skills