9 9 9 9 7 90 80 26 130 $23.85
Ageless (4): does not age at all
Connected Portals (1): up to 4, Soul to connect (-1 cum. per simultaneous, -3 interdim.)
Creature Sense (2): Vampires, Undead
Dimensional Portal (4): The Manor
Dispel Magic (1)
Environmental Resistance (2): toxins, radioactivity, dust, smoke, germs, vacuum
Exorcism (1)
Extra Attacks (1): +1 attacks per round
Features (1): Nightvision
Groupthink (1): Mind check required if not in visual range
Gunslinger (1): Lighting Draw
Hearty (4): +30 HP
Highly Skilled (4): Bachelors in Journalism
Invisibility (2)
Item of Power (5): Wiki Access & Storyline, Umbrella
Magic (1)
More Capable (1): +1 to perception checks
Organizational Ties (1): NY Daily Journal, The Circle
Personal Gear (1): pistol and bullets
Recharge (1): 1ep/round or 5/minute, resting
Regeneration (3): 1hp/round or 5hp/minute while active
Reincarnation (2): next chapter, heart must be intact
Servant (1)
Sixth Sense (3): Magic, Spirits, Truth
Speed (3): Level Three: The character moves 3 times faster than normal.
Spirit Communication (1)
Spirit Ward (1)
Telekinesis (5): Terrakinesis, lift 20,000 pounds, throw 2000 pounds
Tongues (3): learn within hour... known: Arabic, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian

Magic Spells
Heal: heals 2hp (4ep)
Resurrection: victim dead up to 5 turns (5ep)
Place of Power: rug size, +15ep (1ep)
Nightvision: (1ep/minute)
Compulsive Curiosity (1)
Curse (1): supernatural stuff happens
Marked (1): a small flower like mark on the bottom of her right foot
No Sense of Danger (1)
Protector (1): small kids, esp. age ~5
Sensory Impairment (1): needs glasses
Significant Other (1): parents, The Circle

Rose MacAvoy
Body 2, Mind 2, Soul 5, AV 3, DV 1, HP 35, EP 35, Shock 7
Recurring Nightmares 1, Crimson Dawn
No Family 2, all dead
Attack Restriction 1, children
Vulnerability 2, fire
Groupthink 1, roll to initiate
Magic 1:
- Healing 1 (2hp/round)
- Resurrection 1 (5 turns)
- Environmental Control 1 (light, room-size)
- Place of Power 1 (size of rug, +15 points)
Special Attack 3, linked, no damage, transmute 4
(earth, mud, dirt, stone, sand, metals, minerals)

terrakinesis, 50 damage (2000 lbs), roll 12 or less
navy pistol, 10 damage, roll 12 or less
stone sword, 8 damage, roll 9 or less
dagger, 7 damage, roll 9 or less
spear (at Manor), 6 damage, roll 9 or less
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 7 or less
Acrobatics (2)
Animal Training (1)
Artisan (4)
Cooking (1)
Driving (1)
Education (3): Social
Escape (1)
Etiquette (1): High Society
Firearms (4): Pistol
Interrogation (3): Psychological
Intimidation (3)
Languages (3): Latin, French, Spanish (see Tongues for more)
Law (1)
Medical (2)
Melee Attack (2)
Melee Defense (3)
Navigation (1)
Occult (3): Voodoo
Persuasion (3)
Piloting (1)
Research (3): Library, News Archives, Public Records
Stealth (5): Silent Movement
Swimming (1)
Thrown Weapons (5): Rocks
Unarmed Attack (6)
Unarmed Defense (6)
Urban Tracking (1)
Writing (5): Journalistic

Flight: 5-50mph, run to takeoff/land
Force Field: all 3 types, fail underwater, block 45 damage

Elise LeBlanc
alcohol: for lantern, not drinking
Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 6 bullets remaining
assorted food: two meals' worth
binoculars: x10 magnification (100 feet away seems like 10 feet away)
bloody wood: small piece of wall with Eric Sheppard's dried blood
blouse (2)
blue pebbles (20): from Dunwich
book: Embalming: The Lost Art
book: Life Among the Undead: Rules of the Game
book: Masonry and Woodworking
book: The Nature of Blood: An Apprentice's Handbook
bottle of smoke: loot from Dracula's tomb
bullets, pistol (army) (21): blessed
bullets, pistol (navy) (47): blessed
candles (5)
chalk (5)
cigarette case, waterproof
cigarettes (10)
clock: size of dinner plate
cobblestones (10)
crucifix: large (12"), kept on beaded string
dagger (2): 7 damage
Delilah's locket
disguise potion: drink and touch a person to look exactly like them for 5 minutes
Dr. Moreau's notebook
dress, fancy
drum: small, hand-held
dynamite (sticks) (11): blessed, ringed by solid rock ("rock-ets")
eagle feather: bound to wood with 4 etched in
eagle feathers (10)
eagle statuette: "3" scratched next to eye
enchanted ring: half damage from falling
English-Spanish dictionary
fake La Lumière ring
 fireplace set: bellows, shovel, brush, broken poker
gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns
gold ring: dented, worn
golden bird: Imhotep's messenger
gunpowder fuse: 50' long
handkerchief: embroidered with 13-pointed star
head scarf
healing potion: +10hp
healing potion: 100% of hp restored, one dose
healing potion: restores full HP
healing potions (2): restore all HP
healing salve (3): heals 50hp
itching powder
kimono: fine silk
La Lumière silver ring (2)
language potions (5): speak any language for 5 minutes
mace: enchanted, does +20 damage
Martian rocks (2)
mask: phantom mask worn by Fantômas
matchbox: usually silver
matches (25)
matches (10)
Menes necklace: gold amulet that says "Menes" on chain
mittens (2)
Molotov cocktails (3): homemade by Deke Bishop
Mortimer Toombs's business card
net with stones woven in: blessed
nitroglycerine: one vial
obsidian shards (6): each about the size of a nail
Organization journal: full of scribbled spell notes
overcoat (2)
pencils (2)
pistol, army: 12 damage
pistol, Army: 12 damage
 pistol, navy: 10 damage [carried by Rose]
portal stone to Manor
potion of suggestibility: victim pliable to non-violent commands
press pass
Prophecy of the Nine scroll: shows Earth encircled by nine symbols
quill pen
ring of resurrection: whoever wears revives within minutes (1x use)
rope, 50' length
sack of coffee beans: weighs 7 pounds
scarf (2)
scrolls: Protection from Magic, Flame Strike, Restoration, Charm, Bolt (each 1 use)
sheath, knife (2)
shoes (2)
silver dollar: edge sharp, stuck on rock
silver ring with Crimson Dawn insignia
skirt, walking
spectacles: normal eyeglasses
stakes, wooden (11): blessed, rocks attached to ends
sticky bombs (3): 40 damage, explode 5-10 seconds after pin is pulled
stone bracelet
stone necklace: gift from Nann
stone shield: blessed
stone sword: 8 damage, weighs 25 pounds
stones (16)
sword of defense: 10 damage, add +2 to DCV if holding sword in hands
transmutation spellbook: by Desdamonia (annotated by W. Calhoun)
undead life scroll: activate, bury w/ dead, they attack grave robbers
undead-sensing amulet: glows yellow near zombies
vampire dirt: handful taken from ship to Lima
vials of holy water (2): one use each
wiki book
wine, fancy (bottles) (2)
Wintersnap scroll: loot from Dracula's tomb
wolfsbane: (one use)