Creature Sense

level 1, Demons (50 yards) Go »

Eidetic Memory

level 1, visual Go »

Environmental Control

level 2, Light (Room size), Darkness (Room size) Go »

Environmental Resistance

level 1 Go »


level 1, Mind check required if not in visual range Go »


level 2, +20 HP Go »

Highly Skilled

level 2, +10 skill points Go »


level 4, Demon Go »

Organizational Ties

level 3, commands high respect, some autonomy in government role Go »

Metamorphosis Forms

(Light Armor lvl2) shadow armor DR/5
(Superstrength lvl4) +40 melee damage and +12 to body checks involving STR
(Flight lvl1) 50mph with wings
(Marked lvl2) 10ft tall, 25ft wingspan, horns,: hes a DEMON.
(Features lvl1) Red trench coat and pantes
(Environmental Control lvl1) Slience (zone of Slience) room size
(Natural Weapons lvl1) Claws +5 melee damage