arrows (25): 6 damage


bow: 6 damage

boxer shorts

bullets, rifle (6)

compass: magnetic

dagger: 6 damage

damage resistance ward (2): ignore an injury (only effective once)

damaged voodoo doll of self

E.J. Bellocq's business card: photographer for hire, sometimes works for Picayune newspaper

fancy towel


gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns

giant wooden stakes (2): whittled down from baseball bats

gold ring: taken from Senator Broussard

lucky wanga: re-roll any failure including boxcars (one use)

macabre horror novel




Picayune newspaper: article about Ella Hashagen's discovery of canals on Mars

portal stone to Manor

quiver: leather

red rock from Mars

rented tuxedo & fancy shoes: must return on 3/16

rifle cane: 8 damage

rusty chain & padlock

sealskin shoes (2): singed by fire


shoes (2)

slide rule (2)

socks (2)

stakes, wooden (7): for tent assembly, and other purposes

voodoo doll: enchanted to protect Gant


warning doll of self: impaled inside carriage in New Orleans