arrows (2) (suitcase)


beef jerky strips (10)

biscuits (7)

black leather armor: reduces damage by 10 points, gloves and boots included, no headpiece

blanket: lightweight

bonnet: clean and new (suitcase)

book about Machiavelli

book of evil: painful to touch, inlaid gems, latched shut, "very evil"

boxer shorts: dirty

bread (6): slices

breathe underwater potion: lasts five minutes

burlap sack

calipers (suitcase)

candies (5)


ceramic cat: stolen from Witherspoon's house (suitcase)

ceremonial robes (2): Incan (suitcase)

cosmetics bag: for dark skin tones

dress, frilly: taken from Oceanic storage (suitcase)

enchanted piece of eight: cannot be lost

feather headdress (suitcase)

gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns

gingerbread pieces (3)

glasses: item of power

glowing short sword: 10 damage

gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli


green hat with featuer: gift from the Lost Boys


hat, stovepipe

head scarf

healing potion: 100% of hp restored, one dose

healing potion: restore health to full

healing potion: restores all HP

healing potion: restores full HP

healing potion: restores full HP

Indian cookbook

Japanese castles book: written in Japanese

keys (3): taken from Machiavelli's house

La Lumière silver ring

laser rifle: 35 damage, broken (battery dead)

lunchbox: metal, usually black

Mortimer Toombs's business card

Oceanic room key

panties: clean and new

pants (2)

parasol: blue

perfume (28): uses in bottle

portal stone to Manor

pretzels (15)

raven icon: made of silver, feels good in her hand

Ravenloft outfit

resurrection potion: pour in lips of fresh corpse, requires Soul check (by them)

resurrection potion: use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient

rubber gloves

sack of Barovian potatoes and leeks

sandwiches (10)


scimitar: 7 damage

scrap of musty old fabric: taken from Oceanic storage

shirt (2)

shoes (2)

skeleton key: opens any non-magic lock

socks (2)

spongy red ball

stakes, wooden (4): for tent assembly, and other purposes

suitcase (2): contains Dr. Katzenstein's letter and clothes, one in manor, one with me

unknown potion: taken from Machiavelli's house


white pants: taken from Bethlem orderly

white shirt: taken from Bethlem orderly

wine, fancy (bottles) (2)

wolfsbane: (uses)

Zemlak's keychain: with three keys