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Who am I? Who am I? A fair question, but not one for which I am inclined to give answer. That is where the trouble begins, it is it is. You may call me Melchitt, which is as good a name as any, it is it is.

You would ask where I hail from, and that I cannot say. I have always been, and I always will. That is the nature of my kind, it is it is. Do you like stories? I do I do! The stories say that Lucifer Morningstar, the Light of Day, did sit and scheme, and plot his rebellion against his Lord. And on that day, so the stories say, the Lord was wroth, and He did close to them the door to His realm, and the Lord and His host, those they called the angels, did live in peace. And those who plotted did find themselves in their own realm, and the Morningstar and his host, those they called the demons, did find themselves living in eternal strife. But what of those others, those who did not content themselves to sit idly by and sing the praises of the Lord? What of those who did not plot and plan with the Star of Morning? They fell to Earth, they did they did, so say the stories. Stories have power, true stories at the least. Are these true stories, you ask? That would be telling, it would it would.

I come from a land of ice and snow. When I came there was no one, and things were quiet. Then the tall ones came, and much strife arose, it did it did. Did you know this story? They got together, the Fallen Peoples, and they spoke of what should be done about the tall folk. The People were of two minds about the tall ones. Some sought to join with the tall ones and live among them; others wanted to live apart, and to vex and annoy the tall folk. It caused a rift among the People, it did it did. Finally, the People did split in twain. Those who wished to show benevolence to the tall ones did call themselves T’chileigh, which meant “Strong Of Heart” in the old language, for they believed that way to prosperity lay with strengthening themselves and the tall ones together. Those who wished to move apart from the tall ones called themselves Uns’chileigh, which meant “Strong of Spirit”, for they believed that to ally themselves with the tall ones would weaken them. The People agreed that though they did not agree, they should not find strife among themselves, for they were still the Fallen People, and shared a true heritage together, they did they did.

Things were well for a time, but with the tall ones comes misfortune, though the Fallen Peoples did not know that yet. The lessons were soon to be learned, they were, they were. Would you like to hear? The tall ones, those who came to call themselves “humans”, did spread throughout the world, and with them they brought chaos. The humans cannot live in peace, for theirs is a race of conflict and contradiction. They feared that which they did not understand, and they reacted to that fear with force, they did they did. Though the T’chileigh did try to live in peace among them, the humans did turn them out. Though the T’chileigh did try to help the humans out, by assisting in their labors, the T’chileigh’s work would go unnoticed or unappreciated, and the T’chileigh went ignored. Many humans saw the Fallen People as the cause of their ills, and they did try to remove them from the world. The Uns’chileigh, who thought their ill view of humans justified, did bring their full displeasure to bear on the humans. But the humans did play the foulest trick of all, they did they did. They gouged into the veins of the very ground itself, and they did extract the lifeblood of the world! And to this lifeblood, they applied their evil flames, and they did form the weapons of the destruction of the Fallen Peoples! They came at us with their "iron," and they did wound us greatly, they did they did!! Perhaps, because they were not of this world, the world rejected the Fallen Peoples, and thus the "iron," formed of the lifeblood of the planet, did cause such great suffering. There were many perhaps in those days…

Then came the meeting! The last of the Fallen Peoples did come together, and they did discuss the future. The greatest among the Uns’chileigh, the powerful General Ohb-y-Rhan, did call for the final push to remove the humans from this Earth, for while the "iron" did burn him, Ohb-y-Rhan knew no fear. The greatest among the T’chileigh, Tytan, She-Of-Endless-Beauty, did sue for peace, hoping the mend with humans could be repaired. But, alas, the vast host of the People did not agree with either path, and chose, instead, to remove themselves from this world of humans, and live alone in the areas of the world where humans did not go. And so away did they go, to find the places where no humans tread. And so they began to call themselves the Hidden Ones, the Fae, and so did the humans come to call them. And this is their story, from beginning to end and back again, it is it is.

Alas! If not for the love of wine, I could be with them, too, in the hidden spaces of the world, I could I could! I did find a pot of wine, and it did call for me to drink of it, for the fruit of the world is well and good to eat. But the fruit of the grape has a particular power, and I did, perhaps drink too muchly, I did I did. While I slept, my spirit was bound. How bold! You ask how this was done! I shall not tell you, for I should not see another of my kind held so, I should not I should not!! While bound to the sprig, I was used to do many things, for the magics of creation do run through our veins, though the magics are much diluted. I should have been bound for eternity, if not for the childe! Accursed childe!! It is often said that the young and innocent can do what the old and accomplished can no longer comprehend, for there is magic in belief, and that magic is short-lived. I did call out to him, for that I could still do, bound as I was. And the childe did come to me, and he took my sprig, and he brought it to himself. How could the childe do that to me?! He did bring me out from the sprig, as I asked him to, but my spirit was not allowed to run free! Most foul! I was again bound, now to the childe himself, I was I was! How I know not, for a childe of the humans cannot bind the Fae to himself! This I know, I do I do, but still I am bound to this childe. I know not how to free myself, for how can one undo that which cannot be done?!

So, I am bound, though the burden is light. The childe seeks merely companionship, and seems amused by my antics. I can live with true appreciation and fresh cream for quite some time, I can I can! The childe can release me for a time, though I may not stray far from his side, or I am returned within him. I do not enjoy the time within, for this childe is a being of chaos, perhaps more than he should be. I do not like those times, I do not I do not! The childe seems unwilling to speak to me, though I hear his voice when I am within. I hear many voices, and most I do not like.

What what? You wish to know do I ally myself with mighty Ohb-y-Rhan or beautiful Tytan? Ho ho ho, that would be telling, it would it would.