45 base points
+1 for picture
+4 for written biography
+2 for Discrimination (2x1)
+2 for Marked (2x1)
+1 for No Family (1x1)
+2 for No Sense of Humor (2x1)
+2 for Unskilled (2x1)
+1 for Wanted (1x1)
+1 for humor (Morning Edition)
+1 for freeing the group from the net (Sects and the City)
+1 for protecting Theresa (From Hell)
+1 for role-playing (Strange Aeons)
+1 for the idea to object-read Merlin's skull (Of Vision and Reality)
+1 for character development (In the Course of Human Events)
+1 for defeating Solomon Kane (Welcome to Salem)
+1 for role-playing (Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies)
+1 for defeating Zemlak (with help from the whole team) (Twisty Little Passages)
+1 for putting the clown nose on Jack Griffin to mark his face (A Grotesque Romance)
+1 for role-playing Melchitt's convoluted explanations (Family Plot)
+1 for clever ideas to investigate the mirrors (Hic Sunt Dracones)
+1 for suggesting finding Moriarty through a newspaper (Strange Bedfellows)
+1 for transcribing the coded message first (Phantoms)
+1 for solving Simon Templar's puzzle first (The Lyon, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
+1 for fending off police interrogation (Unfinished Business)
+1 for paying tribute to the dead and the oracle (Enlightenment)
+1 for destroying Inclavia (Fin.)
+1 for searching the vampires' luggage for clues (Choose Your Own Adventure)
+1 for "paralyzing" William Calhoun (Forest Fires)
+1 for the idea to bless the grave dirt (Manifestly Evil)
+1 for destroying Coetlicrota the Undying (Meltdown)
+1 for role-playing during Gao's talks with Franklin (Fire and Vice)
+1 for pointing out the risk in questioning Sumuru's neighbors (Requiescat in Pace)
+1 for a thoughtful eulogy of Franklin Jackson (Alone Together)
+1 for suggesting caution regarding Dr. Caligari's altered memories (Wandering Encounters)
+1 for suggesting caution with Frankenstein's remains (Dead and Buried)
+1 for pointing out inadequacies in the group's grave robbing without involving Gao (Tomb Raiders)
+1 for trying to use the raven icon in the tomb (Recovery)
+1 for slaying Dracula (Defanged)
+1 for deliberately taking high damage to protect Caleb (Obedience or Oblivion)
+1 for reviewing game canon about world history to make decisions (Biblioclasm)
+1 for freeing Melchitt from bondage (There is Only Death)
+1 as bonus for 200th game session (There is Only Death)
+1 for the idea to disable the time machine before abandoning it (Postponing War)
+1 for self-sacrifice to protect others (The Awakening)
+1 for suggesting Mirabella Meeker (The Mediator Between Head and Hands)
+1 for giving Solomon Kane back his crucifix (The Shoemaker)
+1 for shoving the teenager out of harm's way (Relax)
+1 for realizing that Rose still had the shagreen after she vanished (The Ultimate Purpose of Crime)
+1 for finding secret doors in the pyramid (Crux Ansata)
+1 for communicating with the Thark family (People of Earth)
+1 for requesting that Gao be scanned for implants (The Dreamer and the Desperado)
+1 for defeating Matai Shang (Red Planet)
+1 for various suggestions about clock faces (You Might Find Something to Amuse You)
+1 for ideas about numbers and clocks (Promises to End in an Honoured Old Age)
+1 for stealing Dracula's powers at personal risk (The Heart of an Immense Darkness)
+1 for good advice to deduce answers and stay on track (All Now Living Have the Right to Give an Answer)
+1 for defeating Imhotep and the Red Death (Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory)
+1 for restoring the universe (To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield)
+114 for attendance
+128 catchup points
+1 for chapter reports
=353 total points

118 points for stats (1/3 of 353)
-1 for Body 1
-2 for Body 2
-3 for Body 3
-4 for Body 4
-5 for Body 5
-6 for Body 6
-7 for Body 7
-8 for Body 8
-9 for Body 9
-1 for Mind 1
-2 for Mind 2
-3 for Mind 3
-4 for Mind 4
-5 for Mind 5
-6 for Mind 6
-7 for Mind 7
-1 for Soul 1
-2 for Soul 2
-3 for Soul 3
-4 for Soul 4
-5 for Soul 5
-6 for Soul 6
-7 for Soul 7
=17 remaining points for stats

118 points for attributes (1/3 of 353)
-4 for Ageless (4x1)
-8 for Dimensional Portal (2x3+2)
-4 for Discriminatory Smell (4x1)
-1 for Environmental Control (1x1)
-10 for Essence Thief (1x5+5)
-5 for Extra Attacks (1x5)
-1 for Extra Limbs (1x1)
-4 for Groupthink (2x2)
-4 for Hearty (2x2)
-2 for Heightened Senses (2x1)
-6 for Iron Grip (3x2)
-4 for Item of Power (2x2)
-8 for Magic (2x4)
-4 for More Capable (2x2)
-2 for Natural Weapons (1x1+1)
-2 for Precognition (1x2)
-4 for Recharge (2x2)
-2 for Regeneration (1x3-1)
-6 for Signature Strike (2x3)
-2 for Special Movement (2x1)
-9 for Super Strength (3x3)
-4 for Transmutation (1x2+2)
-5 for Wiki Access (1x5)
=17 remaining points for attributes

117 points for skills (1/3 of 353)
-10 for Unskilled
-2 for Controlled Breathing (2x1)
-4 for Cooking (4x1)
-4 for Escape (2x2)
-2 for Firearms (1x2)
-2 for Interrogation (1x2)
-2 for Lifting (2x1)
-8 for Melee Attack (4x2)
-1 for specialization Sword
-4 for Melee Defense (2x2)
-1 for specialization Improvised Weapons
-20 for Occult (4x5)
-1 for Persuasion (1x1)
-2 for Research (2x1)
-2 for Sleight of Hand (1x2)
-10 for Stealth (5x2)
-4 for Street Sense (4x1)
-6 for Thrown Weapons (3x2)
-1 for specialization Improvised weapons
-6 for Unarmed Attack (6x1)
-1 for specialization Holds
-6 for Unarmed Defense (6x1)
-2 for Urban Tracking (2x1)
=16 remaining points for skills