9 7 7 7 5 70 20 100 $15.99
Ageless (4): Never aging! :P
Dimensional Portal (2): Any suitcase
Discriminatory Smell (4)
Environmental Control (1): Light control
Essence Thief (1): Attributes - Steal All Attributes, No Defects, Must Maintain Physical Contact
Extra Attacks (1): +1 attack per round
Extra Limbs (1): Hidden grasping tentacle (that no one INCLUDING DRACULA knows about!)
Groupthink (2)
Hearty (2): +20 HP
Heightened Senses (2): Smell, Taste
Iron Grip (3): grips at +3
Item of Power (2)
Magic (2): Breathless(Environmental Resistance Lv2), Ki Punch(Special Attack Lv4[Diminishing Range/Static/Affects Incorporeal](45 damage)), Jump(Lv3)
More Capable (2): +2 to immune system checks
Natural Weapons (1): Spines-Retractable
Precognition (1)
Recharge (2)
Regeneration (1): 1hp/rnd (5/min) rest in sun
Signature Strike (2): +20 damage, Soul or flee
Special Movement (2): Balance, Cat-Like
Super Strength (3): can lift 10 tons, adds +30 damage, +9 bonus to strength checks
Transmutation (1)
Wiki Access (1)
Discrimination (2): Young, homeless, uneducated, insane
Marked (2): Heterochromia iridum
No Family (1): Franklin Jackson is surrogate family
No Sense of Humor (2)
Unskilled (2): Never been schooled
Wanted (1): The Organization

nutcracker, 52 damage, 13 or less, scares
punch/kick, 32 damage, roll 13 or less
Ki Punch, 45 (base) damage, roll 13 or less

Tongues L4: understand any human language
Object Reading L1: sense the last person to touch book via physical contact
Speed Reading L2: read a book in about one hour
Magical Restrictions L1: works via physical contact
Conditional Ownership L2: La Lumière wants it back
Vulnerability L1: item is fragile
Controlled Breathing (2)
Cooking (4)
Escape (2)
Firearms (1)
Interrogation (1)
Lifting (2)
Melee Attack (4): Sword
Melee Defense (2): Improvised Weapons
Occult (4)
Persuasion (1)
Research (2)
Sleight of Hand (1)
Stealth (5)
Street Sense (4)
Thrown Weapons (3): Improvised weapons
Unarmed Attack (6): Holds
Unarmed Defense (6)
Urban Tracking (2)
arrows (2) (S)
beef jerky strips (10)
biscuits (7)
black leather armor: reduces damage by 10 points, gloves and boots included, no headpiece
blanket: lightweight
bonnet: clean and new (S)
book about Machiavelli
book of evil: painful to touch, inlaid gems, latched shut, "very evil"
boxer shorts: dirty
bread (6): slices
breathe underwater potion: lasts five minutes
burlap sack
calipers (S)
candies (5)
ceramic cat: stolen from Witherspoon's house (S)
ceremonial robes (2): Incan (S)
cosmetics bag: for dark skin tones
dress, frilly: taken from Oceanic storage (S)
enchanted piece of eight: cannot be lost
feather headdress (S)
gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns
gingerbread pieces (3)
glasses: item of power
 glowing short sword: 10 damage
gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli
green hat with featuer: gift from the Lost Boys
hat, stovepipe
head scarf
healing potion: 100% of hp restored, one dose
healing potion: restore health to full
healing potion: restores all HP
healing potion: restores full HP
healing potion: restores full HP
Indian cookbook
Japanese castles book: written in Japanese
keys (3): taken from Machiavelli's house
La Lumière silver ring
laser rifle: 35 damage, broken (battery dead)
lunchbox: metal, usually black
Mortimer Toombs's business card
Oceanic room key
panties: clean and new
pants (2)
parasol: blue
perfume (28): uses in bottle
portal stone to Manor
 pretzels (15)
raven icon: made of silver, feels good in her hand
Ravenloft outfit
resurrection potion: pour in lips of fresh corpse, requires Soul check (by them)
resurrection potion: use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient
rubber gloves
sack of Barovian potatoes and leeks
sandwiches (10)
scimitar: 7 damage
scrap of musty old fabric: taken from Oceanic storage
shirt (2)
shoes (2)
skeleton key: opens any non-magic lock
socks (2)
spongy red ball
stakes, wooden (4): for tent assembly, and other purposes
suitcase (2): contains Dr. Katzenstein's letter and clothes, one in manor, one with me
unknown potion: taken from Machiavelli's house
white pants: taken from Bethlem orderly
white shirt: taken from Bethlem orderly
wine, fancy (bottles) (2)
wolfsbane: (uses)
Zemlak's keychain: with three keys