level 2 Go »

Art of Distraction

level 3, distract (1-10) individuals, or motivate 20% of audience Go »


level 1, Vivienne LaRouge Assistant and Manager Go »


level 1, +10 HP Go »

Highly Skilled

level 2 Go »

Item of Power

level 1, defects/+2 Magic Res.(Jaqcues' hand),+1Invol. Chng(diamond has a multicolored glow when spirits are detected nearby). Attributes/ Lv.2 Spec. Atck(15-30) melee,incorpreal,double dam(spirits). 6th sense(Spirits) Go »


level 1, [3EP/Paralytic Nightmares: 3EP/Medic's Touch: 4EP/ Magnetic Charms] Illusion and metal manipulation. (Details of each spell on seperate sheet of paper) Go »

Personal Gear

level 1, An ornately decorated sword cane that has developed a magical connection to Jaqcues. Ivory and Black lacquer with a large diamond on top. Go »


level 1, heals 1 EP per round or 5 per minute, while resting Go »

Special Attack

level 1, 15 (Static, Unreliable/ Knockback) charges inanimate objects with magical energy that explodes on contact and hits with extreme force. Like an explosive bullet. Go »

Weapon Master

level 2, Precise Strike, Quick Draw Go »