level 1, Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling Go »

Compulsive Curiosity

level 1 Go »


level 1, he is a Gypsy Go »

Easily Distracted

level 1, Gambling, Magic Go »

Glory Hound

level 1, Want's to be the most famous magician ever. Go »

Magical Restrictions

level 2, Must have his Sword Cane in his direct possession to access his magical abilities. Go »


level 1, Scar on left leg. Go »

Missing Limb

level 1, Paralyzed left leg. Go »


level 1, Yuri Straddavich a rival street magician Go »


level 1, Canines Go »


level 1, Orphans, his skills as a magician and insults about the magic trade Go »

Recurring Nightmares

level 1, Nightmares about the dog that attacked him as a child. Go »

Sensory Impairment

level 1, needs glasses to read Go »

Significant Other

level 2, Vivienne LeRouge Go »