Jacques LeBeau


AV: 4
DV: 2


HP: 50

EP: 40

CASH: $7.82

Appearance (2)
Art of Distraction (3): distract (1-10) individuals, or motivate 20% of audience
Flunkies (1): Vivienne LaRouge Assistant and Manager
Hearty (1): +10 HP
Highly Skilled (2)
Item of Power (1): defects/+2 Magic Res.(Jaqcues' hand),+1Invol. Chng(diamond has a multicolored glow when spirits are detected nearby). Attributes/ Lv.2 Spec. Atck(15-30) melee,incorpreal,double dam(spirits). 6th sense(Spirits)
Magic (1): [3EP/Paralytic Nightmares: 3EP/Medic's Touch: 4EP/ Magnetic Charms] Illusion and metal manipulation. (Details of each spell on seperate sheet of paper)
Personal Gear (1): An ornately decorated sword cane that has developed a magical connection to Jaqcues. Ivory and Black lacquer with a large diamond on top.
Recharge (1): heals 1 EP per round or 5 per minute, while resting
Special Attack (1): 15 (Static, Unreliable/ Knockback) charges inanimate objects with magical energy that explodes on contact and hits with extreme force. Like an explosive bullet.
Weapon Master (2): Precise Strike, Quick Draw

Addiction (1): Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling
Compulsive Curiosity (1)
Discrimination (1): he is a Gypsy
Easily Distracted (1): Gambling, Magic
Glory Hound (1): Want's to be the most famous magician ever.
Magical Restrictions (2): Must have his Sword Cane in his direct possession to access his magical abilities.
Marked (1): Scar on left leg.
Missing Limb (1): Paralyzed left leg.
Nemesis (1): Yuri Straddavich a rival street magician
Phobia (1): Canines
Protector (1): Orphans, his skills as a magician and insults about the magic trade
Recurring Nightmares (1): Nightmares about the dog that attacked him as a child.
Sensory Impairment (1): needs glasses to read
Significant Other (2): Vivienne LeRouge

Gaming (3): Card Games
Melee Attack (2): Sword Cane
Melee Defense (3): Sword Cane
Performing Arts (3)
Persuasion (2)
Sleight of Hand (3): Card Sharking, Lock Picking, Picking Pockets, Stage Magic
Thrown Weapons (2): Blades

sword cane, 6 damage, roll 7 or less to hit
knife, 6 damage, roll 6 or less to hit, roll 7 or less to throw
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 4 or less to hit

boxer shorts: underwear for men
cigars, ordinary (20): by the box
flask: metal, fits in pocket
knives (6): 6 damage each
La Lumière silver ring: proves membership
liquor: bottle of hard liquor
matches (25)
shoes (2)
socks (2)