alcohol (3): used for lantern fuel, not drinking


book, cloth cover: archeological field textbook

burned padlock

calling cards (44)

carbuncle gemstone: glows bright red

card of Anna Mesmer (8)

compass: magnetic

Crimson Dawn robe


La Lumière silver ring

lantern: roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars

looking glass

matchbox: dull silver, has water resistant seal

matches (19): in matchbox

Oceanic room key


pocket notebook

portal stone to Manor

Ravenloft outfit


rope, 100' length

rubber gloves

silver ring: found on White House lawn(The Fellowship of the Crimson Dawn)

stiletto: taken from Salistra cultist

suit, mens' dress: includes: Socks, Shoes, Shirt, Pants and Undergarb

top half of Ambrosia's journal

unicursal hexagram pendant: from Oliver Haddo's cult in the Hellfire club

vial of love charm: rust-colored powder to put in food


world map: magical