John Sheppard


AV: 4
DV: 2


HP: 50

CASH: $9.70

Groupthink (1): Mind check required if not in visual range
Heightened Senses (2): +4 bonus to all Sight and Sound related checks
Highly Skilled (6): PhD in Archeology and Doctorate in Linguistic Anthropology
Item of Power (3): Excalibur: Silver gauntlet with a blue gem
More Capable (2): +2 to magic checks
Object Reading (3): A mental image: "Purpose," "Owner" and "Last person to touch"
Organizational Ties (1): Scientific Community
Sixth Sense (2): Detect Magic and Sense Spirits
Super Strength (2): can lift 2 tons, adds +20 damage, +6 bonus to strength checks

Compulsive Curiosity (1)
Easily Distracted (1): Magical Items
Marked (2): Slashing Scar across right eye
Protector (1): Ancient Relics

Acrobatics (6)
Climbing (1)
Cultural Arts (1): Archeology: Mostly specializing in folklore of known cultures
Languages (1): Ancient Greek/Roman, Hieroglyphics, Latin:
Hieroglyphics in Mayan, Egyptian, Olmec, Cretan, and forms of Sankrit
Melee Attack (6)
Melee Defense (4)
Navigation (1): Interpretations of modern and ancient maps
Research (6)
Swimming (1)
Unarmed Attack (6): Strikes
Unarmed Defense (6)

Celio, Djoser, Imhotep, Theresa , Dupin, Honus, Gao(froze and amulet?)
Six-Fingered Hand(Awakening) La Lumière,
The Stone(Merlin) The Brotherhood of Alchemæ,
The Circle (Basement, John Endecott, Zemlak),
The Watchmen (Liesel Schreiner),
The Fellowship of the Crimson Dawn(Lemuel Caution),
Salistra's Cult(Astaroth)

Unarmed Attack, 22 damage, roll 11 or less to hit
Melee Attack, 30 damage, roll 10 or less to hit
Melee Defense, roll 6 or less to evade
Unarmed Defense, roll 8 or less to evade
--Other actions--
Object Read, roll 9 or less
Sixth Sense, roll 9 or less
Perceive, roll 8 or less
Strength Check, roll 9 or less

Excalibur level3
-Metamorphosis-Gauntlet Level Four:
Healing-Level Five: Heals 10 HP/min, up to 100 HP at a time. Can restore limbs. Can heal from 0 HP
Special Attack-Level One: Attack does 10 base damage • Melee (+10d) • Affects Incorporeal (-5d)
• Knockback (-5d): {1ft per point of damage delivered.} • Vampiric (-5d)
Light Armor1 -Level Three: (Partial) damage is reduced by 7 points (3 points if Hidden).

Metamorphosis-Orb Level Four:
Resurrection- Level 2: The character can resurrect someone who has been
dead for up to one day using only a piece of the body.

Metamorphosis-Full Armor (can be hidden) Level Four:
Heavy Armor-Level Four: All damage reduced by 40 points. (16 points if hidden).
Special Attack-Level One: Attack does 10 base damage • Melee (+10d) • Affects Incorporeal (-5d)
• Knockback (-5d): {1ft per point of damage delivered.} • Vampiric (-5d)=+5 damage total

alcohol (3): used for lantern fuel, not drinking
book, cloth cover: archeological field textbook
burned padlock
calling cards (44)
carbuncle gemstone: glows bright red
card of Anna Mesmer (8)
compass: magnetic
Crimson Dawn robe
La Lumière silver ring
lantern: roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars
looking glass
matchbox: dull silver, has water resistant seal
matches (19): in matchbox
Oceanic room key
pocket notebook
portal stone to Manor
Ravenloft outfit
rope, 100' length
rubber gloves
silver ring: found on White House lawn(The Fellowship of the Crimson Dawn)
stiletto: taken from Salistra cultist
suit, mens' dress: includes: Socks, Shoes, Shirt, Pants and Undergarb
top half of Ambrosia's journal
unicursal hexagram pendant: from Oliver Haddo's cult in the Hellfire club
vial of love charm: rust-colored powder to put in food
world map: magical