I don't remember ever being alive per se. I have always been and suppose I shall always be. I have known great historical figures and have grown to like them. But alas, everyone whom I've ever known has passed on. What peace they must have! No longer do they struggle with obstacles. No longer are they duty bound on this earth.

I guess this kind of thinking is what got me in this predicament I am in today. Attached to a golden weapon. Owned by a nun nonetheless! As we angels began to lose favor with God over the humans, I guess I got somewhat envious. Why do we spend an eternity serving God for nothing and humans get peace in the end no matter their manner of life? As the humans gained favor and began to recognize God we angels were left to our own devices. Some went to Hell with the promise that they would be valued for all eternity. Some went completely mad and now hopelessly wander with no direction or purpose. As for me, I decided to attempt to achieve the peace that the humans were allowed. I conjured a physical body and attempted to slit my throat praying for peace at last...

It didn't work and God was furious with me. He bound me for the rest of my existence to the item I tried to "kill" myself with. The dagger. What's more is that He handed the dagger down to a poor man in India. It was now my duty to protect this man from harm at all costs. I was like a Djin in a lantern. There was no escaping. The man knew the knife was blessed and took more and more risks each day. Constantly was I fending off tiger and snake attacks as the man ventured into the forests deeper and deeper. Finally, the man died of old age and I could rest for a while. His family did not know of the dagger's powers and left it to sit until some Europeaners came about one day to "civilize" the Indian peoples.

One of the "well-intentioned" white men saw me and saw that I was made of gems and gold. He decided to steal me. But I couldn't be stolen it turns out as the man tried and tried to lift me my weight overcame him. He ran out to get help and the two men still could not lift me. They gave up their futile attempts and finally aprroached the family about the dagger. I was for sale said the widow of the man, but not for cheap. The men got together and made the family a generous offer. The family said "OK you may take the dagger now". And up and away was I taken, packed in a box and then set on display in a museum in England. I couldn't stand it. Here I was day after day in a display case. Would this be the rest of eternity? No, thank God a Catholic priest espied me one day and recognized the work of God. Luckily, he had the weight of the Vatican and all of it's resources or I would still be there today.

See part of the deal of ownership of the dagger and my protection is that I must be freely given. This becomes an obstacle such as when I was in that dreary display case for God knows how long and I am thankful at least to be "free".

The remaining time has been spent well considering. I protect priests from evil. I let the priest know that there is a great evil lurking because my metal becomes hot to the touch. The priest may then let go of me and I attempt to kill the evil force by splitting it in two. Usually this works but sometimes I am evaded.

Not letting on to my true powers, the last priest who owned me bequeathed me to a certain Father Moretti who was to head to the States to minister to orphans. The priest always kept me at his side knowing that one day I might come in handy, though in what way , he wasn't sure. Father Moretti attended various exorcisms with nuns at his side praying along with him but he was never in any danger while helping to free these poor souls. I can't say the same for some of the nuns however, but I was not owned by them either. There was one nun, however, who looked the demon straight in the eye and survived. As I hovered about the room I saw Sister Katerina accidentally catch a glimpse of the devil and she turned deathly pale. Like the Sister on the floor I thought she was gone as well. But she closed her eyes and seemingly shook it off only to rejoin father Moretti in ritual prayer once again.

Father Moretti was getting vey old and I had become close to him. As Sister Katerina was something of a favored student of his I was bequeathed to her.

I have never been the property of a woman before, so I hope I can protect her and do my duty to God. The men at least had some physical ability and a sense of danger. With Katerina things are becoming increasingly difficult. I try to warm up to warn her that there's trouble on the horizon but to no avail. The only thing standing between her and the dangers of this world is me and luckily we've avoide most danger. I have yet to unleash my full powers in front of her as I have not had to use them since I was with the tribal man in India. I hope I don't have to use them as when I am found out to be valuable, even more restrictions are put on my life.

Anyways I am now bound to Sister Katerina until she dies of a natural death or I am sold or given away which is unlikely since she senses my protective spirit more and more all the time.

It's not that I don't like Sister K, it's that I don't like to be bound to this object any longer. But I do what I am intende to do and protect my owner from harm as best I can in hopes that one day God will free me from this curse.