Alternate Identities

level 2, Count Renval II, Ben Freemont Go »


level 4, +4 to social skills Go »

Environmental Control

level 1, Heat, Cold Go »

Force Field

level 1, Two dimensional wall Go »


level 2, +20hp Go »

Highly Skilled

level 3, Graduated high school in England Go »

Item of Power

level 5, Eldorado was imbued with powers useable by its master only until death Go »

Mechanical Genius

level 1, repairs machines at 2x normal speed Go »

More Capable

level 2, +2 to perception checks Go »

Personal Gear

level 1, lockpick, father's gunsmith kit Go »

Radar Sense

level 1, Sense properties of matter, sense blind at mind check Go »


level 2, heals 1 HP per round or 5 per minute, while active Go »

Force Fields

Level 1 (15HP): 2D Wall up to 10 SQYD, 5YDs away


Invisibility (2): Conditional
Sleepless(2): -4 to stay awake
Special Attack(4): +45d
+40d Base, +10d Melee, -5d Burn (1/10 damage 5 turns)