boxer shorts

bullets, pistol (derringer/navy) (41): blessed, taken from Aidan Kane

Eldorado: 12 damage

electric device: 10 uses, taken from Aldritch

fancy mask, blue

flask: metal, fits in pocket

gunsmith's kit: lightweight kit used for cleaning, repair, and maintenance of guns

jar of rum

jar of salt

La Lumière silver ring

lockpick: criminal item, can't be bought or sold in a store


machine parts: taken from the x-ray machine

Oceanic room key

paladin's cross: silver w/ VIO insignia and gemstone, taken from Aidan Kane


pistol, navy (2): blessed by the Pope, 10 damage, taken from Aidan Kane

portal stone to Manor

rubber gloves

Schmidt Liquors key

sheath, sword


shoes (2)

socks (2)

tin whistle