Italicized items are kept at the Manor.


bag of dried fruits and nuts: from Cairo feast

beaded necklace: for Mardi Gras


binder of vampire research: from La Lumière

binoculars: x10 magnification

book about birdwatching

boxer shorts

breathe underwater potion: lasts five minutes

cavalier: black leather hat with white feather

ceramic bowl

cheap half-mask, purple: for Mardi Gras

Crimson Casino penny chips (50)

cross: small (1"), kept on chain to wear around neck

enchanted sword: 12 damage, +30 damage against were-creatures

gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns

gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli

gold ring with ruby

hand ax: 8 damage

hat, bowler (2): one for Nann, one for Shesh

healing potions (2): restore all HP

jacket: hooded, waterproof, sealskin

knife: 6 damage

La Lumière silver ring

magnifying glass

map of South Dakota


Quran, hand-written: taken from 11th century Turkey

random books from Alexandria (2)

resurrection potion: pour in lips of fresh corpse, requires Soul check (by them)

room key: Klondike Rush, Vancouver

scroll: one-time use: Dispel Evil


shoes (2)

sliver of check: payable to Deacon Bishop for bounty on Frederick Sykes

socks (2)

soul transference charm: used, no magic left

spear: wooden with sharp bone point, 10 damage

stakes, wooden (6): for tent assembly, and other purposes

suit, mens' dress

Swiss chocolates (4)

tomahawk: 5 damage

trunk of mens' clothes: some stylish

vial of yellow lichen


warm white potion: loot from Dracula's tomb

water skin: always full (magic), blessed

wedding cake toppers (2): bride & groom

whale fat: ten pounds

wooden flute: hand-carved