AV: 7
DV: 5


HP: 125

EP: 70

CASH: $16.04

Animal Friendship (1)
Art of Distraction (3): distract 1-10 individuals, or motivate 20% of audience
Divine Blessing (2)
Divine Relationship (1): re-roll 1 time per session
Environmental Control (2): weather, area the size of a house
Groupthink (2)
Healing (4): heals 8hp per turn, can heal from 0hp
Hearty (5)
Magic (1): Slowdown
Metamorphosis (4): Points added for additional forms - Hawk, Octopus
Mind Control (2): controlling bears
Organizational Ties (1): Nation of Nine
Personal Gear (1): hooded waterproof sealskin jacket
Reincarnation (1)
Resurrection (1)
Servant (3): Bear cub from the woods
Supernatural Disguise (2): Basic 2 point version
Swarm (2): become 2 sparrows per current HP, no action/groupthink, AV 6, 1 damage per 10 sparrows

Compulsive Curiosity (1): resist at -3, low risk
Discrimination (1): racial
Marked (2): scars across face
No Sense of Danger (1): can be shown danger, doesn't apply if deadly
Special Requirement (1): must pray after taking life
Untraveled (1): especially regarding machines

Animal Training (1): Bear
Artisan (2): Woodworking
Controlled Breathing (1): Holding breath
Hypnosis (3): Suggestion
Lifting (3): Bulky Objects, Humans
Music (1): Wooden flute
Navigation (3): Wilderness
Persuasion (5)
Religious Customs (1): Inuit
Stealth (3)
Swimming (1)
Thrown Weapons (3): Javelins
Unarmed Attack (6)
Unarmed Defense (6)
Wilderness Survival (2): Arctic
Wilderness Tracking (1): Arctic, Jungle

Slowdown level 5 - 10 EP, targeted, requires soul check

punch/kick, roll 11 or less, 2 damage
spear, roll 9 or less, 10 damage
hand ax (thrown), roll 5 or less to strike, 8 damage
knife (thrown), roll 5 or less, 6 damage
tomahawk (thrown), roll 5 or less, 5 damage
hand ax (strike), roll 5 or less to strike, 8 damage
knife (stab), roll 5 or less, 6 damage
tomahawk (strike), roll 5 or less, 5 damage
claws, roll 11 or less, 27 damage
fangs, roll 11 or less, 24 damage, grip
talons, roll 11 or less, 7 damage

Body 6, Mind 6, Soul 6, HP 70
Invisibility 2, Group Think 1, Heightened Senses 2 (smell & hear)
Super Strength 2, Speed 2, Hearty 1, Size Change 2
Force Field 2 (only Shesh, disability: visible), blocks 45 damage
Tongues 4 (instinctively understands all human languages)

Magic Spells
Slowdown: victim is 5x slower, requires Soul check, lasts 5 turns

Metamorphosis Forms
Super Strength L2: lift half ton, +20d, +6 to strength checks
Natural Weapons L2: claws, fangs
Biting Grip: repeat damage until opponent rolls DV, -3 to defend
Hearty 1 - 2pts
Flight L2: up to 125mph
Heightened Senses L1: sight
Natural Weapon L1: talons
Resist Illusions L4: +4 to resisting illusions
OCTOPUS (size of large dog):
Extra Limbs L3 (3pts): 8 limbs
Extra Attack L1 (5pts): 1 extra attack
Special Movement L1 (1pt): Wall-crawling
Environmental Resistance L2 (2pts)
Super Strength L1 (3pts)
Elasticity L2 (6pts)

bag of dried fruits and nuts: from Cairo feast
beaded necklace: for Mardi Gras
binder of vampire research: from La Lumière
book about birdwatching
boxer shorts
breathe underwater potion: lasts five minutes
cavalier: black leather hat with white feather
ceramic bowl
cheap half-mask, purple: for Mardi Gras
Crimson Casino penny chips (50)
cross: small (1"), kept on chain to wear around neck
enchanted sword: 12 damage, +30 damage against were-creatures
gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns
gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli
gold ring with ruby
hand ax: 8 damage
hat, bowler (2): one for Nann, one for Shesh
healing potions (2): restore all HP
jacket: hooded, waterproof, sealskin
knife: 6 damage
La Lumière silver ring
magnifying glass
map of South Dakota
Quran, hand-written: taken from 11th century Turkey
random books from Alexandria (2)
resurrection potion: pour in lips of fresh corpse, requires Soul check (by them)
room key: Klondike Rush, Vancouver
scroll: one-time use: Dispel Evil
shoes (2)
sliver of check: payable to Deacon Bishop for bounty on Frederick Sykes
socks (2)
soul transference charm: used, no magic left
spear: wooden with sharp bone point, 10 damage
stakes, wooden (6): for tent assembly, and other purposes
suit, mens' dress
Swiss chocolates (4)
tomahawk: 5 damage
vial of yellow lichen
warm white potion: loot from Dracula's tomb
water skin: always full (magic), blessed
wedding cake toppers (2): bride & groom
whale fat: ten pounds
wooden flute: hand-carved