Sagesse (or 'Sage' as her friends and family call her) was born in the region of France called the French Riviera or Cote d'Azur. From an early age she has shown a curiosity of how things work along with her brother, Jaques. They would study the fish caught by their father to understand living things. As they grew, they moved on to other animals they'd find deceased in and around the village. They would study the injuries suffered in an attempt to figure out how they died.

She took this natural curiosity with her to university and received a degree in medicine with a minor in police procedures because she wanted to solve the mysteries of life and death. The French government hired her to investigate cases where death seemed unexplainable and used science to find either the micro-organism or animal (sometimes man) responsible.

Between her intelligence and her beauty and resulting power of persuasion, she was able to move up the ranks quickly and become a trusted member of her department. She would soon travel all over the country to solve these mysteries becoming a minor celebrity in her field (to the consternation of her brother who had also taken the same career path).

Soon she was asked to travel abroad to the Americas to investigate similar mysteries either at the behest of the French CSI or on loan to the US as special favors to it's government.

She possesses a kind of photographic memory that allows her to recall anything she has seen or heard in exact detail - which comes in handy in her profession.

Given the nature of her job, she has learned that she needs to be able to protect herself and is in the process of mastering hand-to-hand combat. This sometimes comes in handy when warding off the occasional pushy suitor.

She has recently taken on an apprentice but being so wrapped up in her own career has not bothered to learn anything about him other than his name - Francois.

In her downtime she has made a habit of reading the local publications available in the area she's in, due to the fact that she is always curious about the area she is in. If she has extended periods of downtime, she enjoys visiting local libraries to learn the history of the area along with speaking with the locals because there always seems to be extra tidbits not recorded in the history books.

She accomplishes this by not only visiting the saloons and engaging in the odd game of poker but also by speaking with ladies in the brothels because men tend to whisper their secrets to the women found within. This is not always easy to achieve, but somehow she manages to persuade even the most stubborn people to give up their secrets.

Being a trustworthy person, the townspeople she speaks with find out that anything they share with her she will not share with others. Mostly because she will not share information with them!

Arles: Arles is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arles sits on a low hill where the Rhone river branches in two parts to the sea. The commune is the largest in France, with an area of 75,893 ha (about 170,000 acres). The town dates back to the 7th century BC, and was a major Gallo-Roman city. The major Roman sites, such as the Arena and the Theater, are unique in that they are integrated into the houses and buildings of the town, rather than sitting apart as they do in places such as Orange.