alcohol: used for lantern fuel, not drinking

Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 3 bullets remaining

baby powder (50): one new bottle has 50 applications' worth

bag of coffee beans

beaded necklaces (4): for Mardi Gras

beef jerky strips (43)

blanket: lightweight


bottle of Amaretto

bottle of hot sauce


burning glove: alights in contact with blood

calling card: Police Inspector Charlie Chan

candy (20)


cheese (9)

Clementine's spellbook: locked, 13-point sun on cover

cloak, light: a lightweight cloak with a hood, used to conceal one's identity

coffee grinder

dagger: 6 damage

dirt, handful

dress, fancy (4): silk

fireworks (M-80s): blessed

first aid kit: same as physician's bag

Frankenstein body part: bagged

garlic powder

gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns

gravedigger: very strong purple drink, draws you to a cemetery



head scarf

healing potion (2): restores full HP (Sagesse has 1, Sherlock has 1)

healing potion: restores all HP

herbs for Eastern medicine

huge spider fang: as large as an arm

identification card for RG

incense: 10 sticks with holder

jeweler's bag w/ ruby & ring: band broken, gem separated, cursed

journal of Dr. Nikola Mabuse

La Lumière silver ring

lantern: roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars

laser rifle: 35 damage

laudanum (diluted opium tincture): tiny bottle, 8 doses

magic pigeons: communicate one sentence anywhere in world

map of Berlin

matches (25)

men's wallet: belonged to Wiley Tibbetts

mirror, hand-held

Mortimer Toombs's business card

navigation device: high-tech tablet, no battery, priceless



penthouse key: Klondike Rush hotel

petticoat: underskirt for women

physician's bag: gauze, cotton, carbolic acid, ether, silk thread & needles, stethoscope, some medicines

portal stone to Manor


resurrection potion (2): use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient (Sagesse has 1, Sherlock has 1)

rifle, breech-loading: impossible to conceal, 8 damage

ring: silver, with 13-point sun symbol

rope: 100' length, blessed

shoes (2)

silver fox furs (2)

silver monocle: Die Wächtern's symbol

skirt, walking

soap, bar



suit, mens' business: taken from Mortimer Toombs

throwing stars (4): 6 damage

tin of coffee beans: 1 pound

vial of holy water

vial of Rose MacAvoy's blood

wand: taken from Clementine Grose, blessed

whip: 4 damage (+40 Special Attack), blessed

wine, fancy (bottles) (2)

wolfsbane: one use, rub on person to verify were status, causes mild burning

wolfwere tail