Sagesse la Roque


AV: 8
DV: 6


HP: 85

CASH: $5.33

Ageless (2): ages at 1/10 normal speed
Appearance (4): Light-skinned, auburn hair, pale green eyes, 5'6
Eidetic Memory (3): life events, Visual Imagery, Logic
Environmental Resistance (2): toxins, radioactivity, dust, smoke, germs, vacuum
Features (1): Night Vision
Flight (1): up to 50 mph
Groupthink (2): Mind check required if not in visual range
Hearty (1): +10hp
Heightened Senses (5)
Highly Skilled (4): +20 skill points
Invisibility (2)
Item of Power (4): enchanted whip
Mind Control (3): give complex aggressive orders to 1 person, or simple non-aggressive orders to up to 6 people, or erase brief memories
Organizational Ties (1): RG, aka the Directorate
Regeneration (2): heals 1 HP per round or 5 per minute, while resting
Reincarnation (1)
Servant (2): Sherlock Holmes (specifics TBD)
Sleepless (4)
Special Attack (3): Incapacitating (turns = dice diff), Melee
Special Movement (6): Balance, Cat-Like, Light-Footed, Untrackable, Wall-Crawling, Water-Walking
Speed (1)
Super Strength (2): Can lift 2 tons, adds +20 damage, +6 bonus to strength checks
Weapon Master (1): Lightning Draw

Compulsive Curiosity (1)
Conditional Ownership (1): must repay full retail cost of physician's bag if lost
Discrimination (1): French
Easily Distracted (1)
Marked (1): small tattoo of butterfly near left eye, same color as eyes
Nemesis (1): Jacques la Roque
Owned (1): RG - an employee and is expected to take cases when assigned
Phobia (1): thunderstorms
Red Tape (1): Must make a weekly report of activity
Sensory Impairment (1): Glasses
Significant Other (1): Her nephew, the son of her twin brother
Simply Irresistible (1)
Stranger in a Strange Land (1)

Acrobatics (3): Tumbling
Archery (3): Crossbow
Climbing (2): Rope: I assume the whip would be considered rope
Controlled Breathing (2): Slow heart rate
Escape (1): Rope
Foreign Culture (2): America
Gaming (1): Card Games
Hypnosis (2): Suggestion
Interrogation (2)
Languages (1): English: (native language is French)
Medical (2): Diagnosis,Pathology
Melee Attack (2): Whip/Chain
Occult (2): Vampirism
Performing Arts (1): Public Speaking
Persuasion (3): Business
Poisons (1)
Police Sciences (2)
Seduction (3)
Sleight of Hand (3): Card Sharking
Stealth (2): Silent Movement
Swimming (2)
Thrown Weapons (1): Throwing Stars
Unarmed Attack (6): Strikes
Unarmed Defense (2)

laser rifle, 35 damage, roll 7 or less
punch/kick, 22 damage, roll 13 or less
electric crossbow, 20 damage, roll 10 or less
whip, 44 damage, roll 9 or less to attack*, vampiric, incapacitating
throwing stars, 6 damage, roll 8 or less
dagger (stabbing), 26 damage, roll 8 or less
dagger (thrown), 6 damage, roll 7 or less
rifle (needs bullets!), 8 damage, roll 6 or less
*to grasp objects with whip, roll 7 or less

Danger Sense level 4, sense direction/nature of threat
Special Attack level 4, 40 damage (+4 base), Melee, Flexible, Vampiric

alcohol: used for lantern fuel, not drinking
Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 3 bullets remaining
baby powder (50): one new bottle has 50 applications' worth
bag of coffee beans
beaded necklaces (4): for Mardi Gras
beef jerky strips (43)
blanket: lightweight
bottle of Amaretto
bottle of hot sauce
burning glove: alights in contact with blood
calling card: Police Inspector Charlie Chan
candy (20)
cheese (9)
Clementine's spellbook: locked, 13-point sun on cover
cloak, light: a lightweight cloak with a hood, used to conceal one's identity
coffee grinder
dagger: 6 damage
dirt, handful
dress, fancy (4): silk
fireworks (M-80s): blessed
first aid kit: same as physician's bag
Frankenstein body part: bagged
garlic powder
gas mask: made by Deke, works for 3 turns
gravedigger: very strong purple drink, draws you to a cemetery
head scarf
healing potion: restores all HP
healing potion (2): restores full HP (Sagesse has 1, Sherlock has 1)
herbs for Eastern medicine
huge spider fang: as large as an arm
identification card for RG
incense: 10 sticks with holder
jeweler's bag w/ ruby & ring: band broken, gem separated, cursed
journal of Dr. Nikola Mabuse
La Lumière silver ring
lantern: roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars
laser rifle: 35 damage
laudanum (diluted opium tincture): tiny bottle, 8 doses
magic pigeons: communicate one sentence anywhere in world
map of Berlin
matches (25)
men's wallet: belonged to Wiley Tibbetts
mirror, hand-held
Mortimer Toombs's business card
navigation device: high-tech tablet, no battery, priceless
penthouse key: Klondike Rush hotel
petticoat: underskirt for women
physician's bag: gauze, cotton, carbolic acid, ether, silk thread & needles, stethoscope, some medicines
portal stone to Manor
resurrection potion (2): use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient (Sagesse has 1, Sherlock has 1)
rifle, breech-loading: impossible to conceal, 8 damage
ring: silver, with 13-point sun symbol
rope: 100' length, blessed
shoes (2)
silver fox furs (2)
silver monocle: Die Wächtern's symbol
skirt, walking
soap, bar
suit, mens' business: taken from Mortimer Toombs
throwing stars (4): 6 damage
tin of coffee beans: 1 pound
vial of holy water
vial of Rose MacAvoy's blood
wand: taken from Clementine Grose, blessed
whip: 4 damage (+40 Special Attack), blessed
wine, fancy (bottles) (2)
wolfsbane: one use, rub on person to verify were status, causes mild burning
wolfwere tail