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The story began in Baltimore, where seven strangers awoke as prisoners in a science experiment concerning evil energy called the Red Death. They worked together to escape and began traveling the world to learn about what had been done to them, joining an organization of investigators called La Lumière.

Elise LeBlanc

played by Kelly Hardie
New York Journal reporter Go »

Alexandria Knight

played by Raquel Hartzell
talented, successful madam Go »

Lawrence Tate

played by Nathan Quam
locksmith with many aliases Go »

John Sheppard

played by Justin Conner
knowledge-seeking archeologist Go »

Katerina Petrovich

played by Melissa T.
ordained Catholic missionary Go »

Aidan Kane

played by Stephen Gambill
duty-bound Catholic deacon and VIO agent Go »

Celio Parisi

played by Aaron Shurtleff
world-traveled classical violinist Go »

In New York, after Aidan and Celio had parted ways for personal reasons, the group was joined by two offbeat new members with their own interests in the Red Death.


played by Aaron Shurtleff
homeless adolescent Go »

Jacques LeBeau

played by Stephen Gambill
traveling gypsy magician Go »

After the group was forcibly separated from Jacques and Katerina by enemies, they were joined in Pittsburgh by a lawman investigating the paranormal.

Fayt Leigngod

played by Scott Conner
government investigator of the paranormal Go »

Fayt and John had left by the time the group arrived in London, where they were joined by a skeptic and a believer who had very different attitudes about the Red Death.

Caleb Lonergan

played by Jeff Coopes
famous escape artist Go »

Lyon Omen

played by Evan Coopes
hunter with a dark origin Go »

When Alexandria and Lawrence departed to rescue their mothers from the Red Death, the remaining members left La Lumière and founded a detective agency with the help of a new member.

Gant Harrington

played by Jeremiah Poisson
Oxford astronomy professor Go »

After Gant left to take care of his sick mother and Lyon was killed in battle, two new members joined the group when they found themselves stranded in San Francisco.

Sagesse la Roque

played by Evie Totty
French foreign agent Go »

Elijah Ivy

played by Evan Coopes
genius swordsman Go »

In Flagstaff, a gunslinger and saloon keeper were drawn into the weirdness investigated by the group.

Deke Bishop

played by Wes Bryant
soldier and sharpshooter Go »

Vic Breslin

played by Amanda Ross Bryant
charming bartender Go »

After Elijah and Vic were slain by the group's enemies, an Inuit man joined them in the wilderness near Vancouver.


played by Amanda Ross Bryant
ursine Inuit survivalist Go »

Once their enemy Dracula had been slain, they were joined by a large friendly dog.


played by Wes Bryant
loyal great dane Go »

Gant returned to the group on the brink of global destruction, leaving a small core party to save the world: Caleb Lonergan, Deke Bishop, Elise LeBlanc, Gant Harrington, Gao, and Sagesse La Roque, with help from Marmaduke and many other minor characters.