categories: Miscellaneous
2 levels, 1 point per level
not available to metamorphosis forms

A character with this defect will undergo a physical change when a specific game condition is met. Changes can include height, weight, sex, color, body shape, as well as partial or whole transformations into plants or animals. The alternate form cannot give the character any significant advangtage or disadvantage over his normal form (unless Metamorphosis is taken to govern the effects, or Wild Beast is taken so that they don't matter). The change may, however, provide an unexpected or unique benefit that is usable in some situations. For example, a character who changes into a fish when he gets wet may be the only survivor from a sinking ship. The exact nature of the involuntary change, how it will affect the character, and the conditions under which it will occur should be discussed with the GM. A character who has undergone an involuntary physical change will find it fairly easy to change back unless One-Way Transformation is also taken.

Level One: The change occurs infrequently.
Level Two: The change occurs frequently or is very disadvantageous.