categories: Mundane
optimal stat: Soul
2 levels, 1 point per level
not available to metamorphosis forms

Sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder have undergone a severely disturbing experience that leaves them anxious and sometimes unable to cope with regular life afterward, particularly when they encounter sensory triggers that remind them of the trauma. The nature of the troubling experience is up to the player to decide, subject to GM approval. The character may or may not be aware that they suffer from PTSD.

PTSD may introduce a variety of general personality traits that affect the character at all times, from nervousness to paranoia, which in and of themselves do not qualify as defects. However, PTSD manifests especially powerfully when the character encounters a specific trigger, such as a shell-shocked soldier who hears a gun firing, or a rape survivor who hears footsteps behind her. It is up to the player to determine what qualifies as triggers, subject to GM approval. Additional triggers may be added for 1 point each as long as they are distinct from each other and relevant to the trauma.

When the trigger is encountered, the character must make a Soul check. If the check passes, the character maintains control but is very nervous and distracted and may not directly interact with the trigger, forced to ignore it. If the check fails, the character loses control and reacts in a wild panic, either attacking or evading, or possibly becoming catatonic, as appropriate for their trauma. The character likely loses touch with reality when this happens and has trouble thinking about anything other than the trigger, and may think they're re-experiencing their traumatic experience as it originally happened. Each turn thereafter, the character may make another Soul check at a cumulative +1 bonus to snap out of this state and regain control.

Level One: The trigger is encountered infrequently.
Level Two: The trigger is encountered frequently.

PTSD is taken by this character:
Deke Bishop, level 2, When Deke encounters large battles (ie a war battle) or is ambushed, uncontrollable rage triggered

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