categories: Combat and Mundane
2 levels, 1 point per level

The character possesses an Achilles's Heel. It is assumed that this trait is hidden, only revealing itself through careful surveillance or the character speaking of it. If an attacker knows the location of the weakness, an attack aimed directly at that point is much more likely to injure or kill the character, or produce other effects like paralysis. The weak point has to be above and beyond common "weak points" that people normally possess such as the brain, the heart, and so on. It represents an abnormal weak point, such as a bum knee which, if struck, can cripple the character permanently. Add 1 point for every additional weak point after the first one.

Level One: The character has a weak point capable of causing significant injury (double damage) or other harmful effects if hit.
Level Two: The character has a weak point that will result in death if hit.

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