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The following list shows all changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

July 27, 2018: I added several things to the game:
• An Augment attribute requested by Kelly and Wes.
• A No Possessions defect, which I retroactively applied to Marmaduke.
• A Ventriloquism skill requested by Wes.
• A Lip Reading skill.

July 21, 2018: I fixed a bug preventing the "Portals" field from showing up for characters who have taken the new Connected Portals attribute. It should be there now when you edit your character.

July 14, 2018: A new attribute thas been added at Kelly's request: Connected Portals. (Kelly asked for a plan to link Special Attack, Teleport, and Dimensional Portal to accomplish this. I decided that a new attribute made more sense.)

March 24, 2018: Deke Bishop has been reactivated. Marmaduke has been deactivated.

March 17, 2018: I added a new attribute, Wealth. This would have broken the game for much of its length, but now that we're near the end, it should be fine. This is one of the original Tri-Stat dX attributes that I left out of the game until now.

March 16, 2018: I fixed special characters (accented letters) on the Tales of the Red Death page, and highlighted the link to it on the Storyline page since it's kind of lost in the text.

November 19, 2017: Wiki article links on player profiles have been fixed to show the correct text (the article title) again.

October 8, 2017: Fixed broken special characters in the text on the Characters page. All of these qabals with their accented letters...

September 24, 2017: The Gothic Earth Options page has been restored. You can control whether to hide extra content at the bottom of certain pages. If you'd like to see other options added to the list, please let me know.

Changes to Gothic Earth are sometimes mentioned on the Funeratic News page instead, when they're part of site-wide alterations.