Count Renval had personal matters to attend to and asked me to join him on his journey. He did not give me the full information but did tell me he will need my skills in business. The others decide to stay behind and learn more from the witches. Elise is particularly interested in their craft. I believe she is trying to learn to control the powers we all seem to have stumbled upon. More and more I am feeling the toll the red death has taken on us. I am becoming more adept at reading the thoughts of others. I do not fear this power but I do wish I understood it.
When we arrived in Dunwich, Connecticut to the Tate household. (Apparently Lawrence Tate is yet another name Count Renval uses. Who knows what is true or false with him.) Renval found a letter from his mother with information that she had traveled to Arkham under false pretenses. We head there to investigate and are abducted and drugged. Until we were rescued by the group I am not aware of what happened to us inside the asylum.
We were informed later that the child, Gao, had a vision of our assault. The witches helped to point the others to Lawrence's home where they found the note from Lily Tate and tracked us down in Arkham in the Bedlam Asylum.
Once rescued Lawrence insisted we could not leave the asylum until we found his mother. While searching everyone begins to notice I am becoming translucent. It seems to be getting worse the further we head into the asylum. None of us can fathom why this is happening and I began to worry that there was something seriously wrong with me though I felt no pain. In a secret passage we encounter a white creature which Elise says is a ghoul. Luckily Elise is able to seal it off from us with mud before it attacks.
A man name Carter finds us and tells us he can explain what is happening. We return to our hotel to talk to him so we will not be overheard. He tells us of a man named Charles Dexter Ward who is trying to create a rift between our world and the Dreamlands. He is the owner of the asylum and had lured Lawrence and I to Arkham hoping to use our powers. He had stolen my soul to create this rift and that was the reason for my lack of color.
We dicided to head to Ward’s home to search for clues on how to track him down. Carter told us to look for Ibidus. While in his mansion we learned that Ward was the ancestor of a necromancer named Joseph Curwen. John discovered that Ibidus was a skull that opened a passage. Here we found Ward’s body which appeared dead though it had no wounds.
Another underground passage lead us back into the asylum and Ward’s laboratory. It contained a chair surrounded by skulls on pedestals. One of the pedestals was meant to hold my skull. How presumptuous that this man thinks he can take my soul AND my head! Another ghoul attacked us and we were able to defeat it without the use of mud.
The skull of Merlin told us of Ward’s plan to enter the Dreamlands and awaken the Great Ones. Carter confirmed these things and told us we must all enter the Dreamlands to stop Ward and rescue my soul. In sleep we all witnessed each other’s nightmares. Some of us stood up to our demons and some were too frightened.
The Dreamlands was a very strange place where cats could walk and talk. Most of us found this quite adorable though I doubt the cats would have been appreciative of this assessment. We found the king of the Dreamlands had been killed and tried to track down Ward but instead we were tricked by Nyarlathotep. Our wits helped us escape unharmed from the beasts on the moon who teleported us to the mountain of the Great Ones. Here we found Ward who wanted to me use the powers of my mind to awaken the Great Ones. I refused and he turned Lawrence’s mother into the Red Death. We defeated him and destroyed his body so he could not regain life. I realize now that my powers could possibly put the world in grave danger.

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