Bedlam knobs and Dream sticks

Theresa invited us back to her house in Salem. The group was introduced to the seven gables. Hepzibah taught Gao a few words with an old spoon. She also made mention not the open any doors that were locked. The group sensed a force in the basement. This force was talking to Lawrence apparently. Hepzibah also mentioned that a certain official in town was involved with a set-up on one of her older members. Elise and I did some digging but were unable to finish. Uncle Venner bit Vinny who showed signs of Lycanthropy.
Count Renval and Alexandria left hastily for unknown reasons. After Gao had a foreboding vision, Hepzibah helped us divine a state and street name for which to follow them.
Arriving in Dunwich, Connecticut we found a “Tate” household in a town with unsavory inhabitants. Count Renval was revealed as Lawrence Tate. August Dupin greeted us there and inquired on our travels. Elise grabbed a silver canister and a note from Lawrence’s mother leading us to Arkham. Before we could depart we were surrounded by hostile natives. Retreating back to the house we found remnants of Dupin's body. Jacques helped the group escape by blowing up the house as the natives flooded inside. Exit Jacques.
Arriving at Arkham we discover Gao was a girl and tried to clean her up. The group met with Randolph carter who seemed to be trying to help Gao. Visiting the asylum where we felt Lawrence and Alexandria were. We found many patients with interesting stories. We found an underground tunnel with some kind of monster in it. We were held captive by a man named Dexter Ward who seemed interesting in keeping Gao. We managed to escape with Alexandria and Lawrence who were being kept sedated. With advice from Carter and a vision I had from a skull we went into Dr Ward’s house and found an underground tunnel leading to a mystical room with skulls. We managed to make connections linking Ward to a long dead necromancer named Curwen. He seemed to be in Wards place now . Curwen was trying to release powerful being from another dimension called the “Other Side” who would destroy the world.
Consulting with Carter we found we could traverse into the dreamlands after Curwen. Along the way to a city in the dreamlands we ran into shiny leeches and a people resembling brownies of lore called the Zoog. The Zoog tried to eat us but we prevailed. Reaching the city we went to consult the king. Reaching this king we found him dead so, we went to the library for information. We ran into a small albino boy looking for the Necronomicon who let told us of a contact of his at the lighthouse. Pursuing this led we found a trail of blood at the lighthouse leading onto a ship. Following the trail we were tricked unto the ship which set sail without our knowing. Lawrence saw a talk robed man wave then vanish as the ship began moving.
Out at sea we tried to wake without success. We then saw the ship float off a waterfall and into space. The ship crashed into a sea of oil on the moon. Exiting the ship we sought refuge from moonbeasts carter had warned us about. As the beasts overcame us I tried to make peaceful contact with them successfully. They then teleported us back to the dreamlands where Curwen greeted us and commanded Alexandria to use her telepathy to awaken the “Great Ones”. This was the awakening which we came to prevent. After a short battle with Curwen we were victorious and woke.

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