I was notified by telegram that Dupin wanted to see me about a business matter in my old home of Connecticut. I asked Alexandria to accompany me as she had made us aware of her past business experience. We took a train to Worcester and hired some old git to take us to Dunwich. When we arrived there was Dupin and a note from Lily. Dupin asked questions about Charles Dexter Ward and some West bloke. We made haste to Arkham to seek out my mother who was said to be taken by Ward. We were followed and cornered a man Carter about the goings on. He told of my mother being taken to the asylum.

I couldn't lie my way into the asylum but from my desperation I decided to get myself committed depending on Alexandria to get me out. I made my way round town falling drunk screaming bout the ghosts and giant spiders. Not much time after and last thing I knew some men in white coats were grabbing at me. Next thing I know there's an ugly face staring down at me with a familiar scar. I was caught up on the news and we went searching for my mother. We searched the first floor of the building and found our belongings. Then made our way to the basement where we assumed my mother was being held. We found a storage room with items in it. I could smell my mother's perfume and somehow the group found a hollow wall in the room. Through it was this white demonic thing. We quickly left the room and made way for our hotel to figure things out.

The further we went the more you could see through Alexandria. Was quite odd. We again found Carter and asked him questions. He revealed nothing more than Ward being a powerful and evil man. He added that Alexandria's soul had been taken from her. We broke into Ward's home and found a family tree indicating that he was a descendant of a powerful necromancer. We found a secret tunnel in the home leading down a dark path on which was a casket. Inside was a body what looked like similar to Ward. Further down this hall was a large room with a chair and skulls surrounding it. I snagged the skull of Merlin and just then an ugly beast burst into the room. We killed it and found ourselves back in the storage room of the asylum. John asked to see the skull and kept the thing. Was probably worth a good bit of coin. We made way to the top floor to find Ward's office.

On the way we encountered a few crazys. I spoke with a crazy man playing a violin who said music keeps the phantoms away. We went to Wards office and next to it found a room with my mother in it. Inside Ward's office was his body, all ghostly like Alexandria. One of the crazy men told us about a dream world and that we could find their souls there. We went back to our hotels and waited to dream. We then found ourselves in each other's dreams. I saved the arse of everyone there, confronting my skeletons. We found our way into the dreamlands and were attacked by some tiny angry things. We discovered a cat city and went to the cat king who we found dead. We found that he was a man from the asylum there dreaming under sedation. We went to the library and found a boy working for Ward who led us to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse we entered a ship and some black evil man with glowing eyes cut us loose from the dock. We tried to go back but could not get the boat moving against the hard currents. We feared death as we approached a waterfall but found the boat floating through space toward the moon. Upon crashing on the moon we were hunted by some strange angry creatures with tentacles. We hid in an old building and they crushed it to the ground. We were about to fight the creatures fearing certain death when John reasoned with the beasts. They sent us back to the planet right in front of a menacing castle. There was the soul of my mother and Ward. Things happened so fast but what I remember is grabbing the mans magic stick and running. I couldn't get the bloody thing to work. Upon defeating Ward my mother vanished in red smoke but Alexandria had her soul back. We then awoke.

I feared my mother was gone for good, but I cannot give up hope. I may have lost my father by my own hand but my mother will not be lost in vane. I hope to find a way to either bring her back or bring back the bastard who did this and make him suffer. Ah yes, and I'm a bottle short. I'll be heading to the pub.

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