Do Evil curses and mad scientists mix well?

Vlad Trepes,
A legendary evil being who used curses and drained the life blood of his victims. A Transylvanian Count who ate dinner while admiring his victims all about him on spikes. Many believed he had made a pact with the evil spirits, who bestowed great evil power on him. Really thou, who fears him today? “Nobody” The average Joe would say.

Sir Roderick Usher,
A well known geneticist who became less and less respected after presenting ludicrous presentations. He was obviously slipping into insanity. Really thou, what real harm can a insane egg-head do? “Not much” the average Joe would say.

Evil Curses,
Voodoo, Hoodoo, Black Magic, Mumbo Jumbo, everyone know this is stuff we tell children will get them if they don’t eat their vegetables yet, there has to be some splinter of truth in these fantasies.

Who would be crazy enough yet, smart enough to actually find that splinter and expose it to the world in a dangerous way? Probably an insane egg-head right? Well that’s what happened and it starts like this…

I wake up in a strange house with no memory of how I got there and a splitting headache. I’m wearing a mask? This must have been a masquerade ball. Where is everyone?
I hear a scream from down the hall. Rushing toward the scream I find a couple of scared girls pointing toward the bathroom. Entering the bathroom, what do I find? Nothing… just a bathtub full of blood.
A man forms from the blood in front of my eyes. He speaks to me strange voice. I think I must be drugged. The girls see this too thou. He “bloody man” tells us that he was a victim of Vlad the impaler or at least one of his curses and that we were now under the same curse. One of the girls works up nerve and touches this illusion. He then dissolves into blood again and splashes to the floor.
What would you do? What would you think?
Exploring the rest of the house, I began finding others some frightened some dead from sweating blood. I felt as thou I was in a fantasy horror novel.
We were presented to believe that at midnight we would die from the bloody deaths we saw around us if we didn’t destroy the source.
After entering the basement we were confronted by a man guarding a door. He introduced himself by pulling off his face in front of me. The skeleton lunged at me and I knocked him over the stairwell scared out of my mind. Obviously I was not in my right mind but the other saw the same. What could I believe?
I entered the door and met the lord of the manor, Dr. Usher told us of his experiments with magic and giant spiders using Valdes old curse to extract power. We found his focus and destroyed it. He had to die in order to defend his evil magic. I began to sweat blood while leaving the house.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for unbelievable happenings of that night thankfully I lived the tell of it.
But does it really matter? Me and the surviving house guests believe because we were there. I’m sure no one else will. So have your chuckle but I will make sense of this and eventually show the world that splinter of truth in an obviously real world of fantasy.

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