I was to attend a masquerade ball and from what I remember I swindled it off of a man playing cards. With haste I made my way from this creepy room of laughing children to search the house for clues to my predicament. As we were told by some people, a red smoke filled the room and put us out cold. One of the women broke out in a sweat of blood and fell to the floor. From what we could tell she was no longer living. We needed more information so we inspected the “phantom” library. The bloody thing nearly killed me. There really was a bleedin' ghost in the library. How does one go about fighting a ghost eh?

We ventured on to find a pantry wherein was a clock, a dead woman, a booby trap, and a note. Narrowly escaping the trap with a bit of luck I found myself in the pantry, head still firmly attached. The note instructed us to find the black clock or suffer death at the stroke of midnight. We came upon housed a boiler which housed a ghost of fire whose name escapes me. To be honest I just stopped paying so much attention to things. She told us of some crazy man named Usher. I didn't hear much except for some clock we were to destroy. Moving on we found a giant spider at least a meter in size.

There was a room with a painted red door which included french wording over it. I don't understand a spot of french so I haven't a clue what that door said. Being it was locked we moved down the stairs after I cleverly lit a piece of wood in the fire in the next room to light the basement. This room felt of evil. We found some demon woman which attacked Celio. Celio took the burning log and pushed it into the woman staring a fire upon her. We found a disturbing looking body reeking of death. Then we found a mismatched group of people. We eventually came upon a wine cellar which was chalk full of the most decadent wine. You wouldn't believe how much wine was in this room. I mean it was just crates of this Amontillado wine. Could you imagine how many pence it would cost to house an entire room of wine? Not just wine but really nice wine. I kept a bottle and of course drank a few. Then things got a bit off.

Ehm a black clock what was booby trapped. John was on the floor and a golden bug. I picked the lock to a lovely supply closet. It was full of dust and brilliantly useless items. I discovered the golden bug was also a key to the front door. A hole opened from front of the stairway filling with blood. Then a giant spider what must have been large as the house came out of the blood. Looking for a safe way out I went through the nursery when the floor collapsed I got lost and gave up.

There was a room with plush seating and an armor. I got a sword, it's quite nice. People came in, there was a bit about some El drado, and I think I fell out of it for a bit. John came running in yelling about needing rope. Just then there was a flash outside and I found the spider fallen in two pieces. I was more than confused. I made my way outside and found a raven sitting on the corner of the roof. I raised a glass to the most normal thing I had seen all day. Some people were all bloody and there was a french bloke. The french bloke gave us a ride to town and I remember some questions. Yeah, that sounds bout right.

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