On the way to Boston I was stunned and somewhat flattered to find that there were people on the train who knew of me! They were trying to avoid me and found me disgusting but I felt so proud that my legend had preceded me so far away! I cannot believe how quickly my pride was ripped away from me. This trip to Boston would turn out to be very personal.
We went to a local bar to find leads and Jacques managed to pick a fight. I chose to stay out of it as much as possible. Some drinks calmed everyone down and were able to learn of some bodies that has been recently found. We were told to talk to someone names Stella to learn more. Walking through the Boston Commons we hear a scream and find ourselves under attack. I am injured and John runs me to the hospital.
Katerina finds a poster with my picture on it accusing me of many things (though I admit most of them are true!) It is then I realize that all the attention I had been attracted is due to one man. One man I had hoped I would never see again. Joseph Blenk had found me and he was still looking for revenge.
Our next stop was our La Lumiere contact. We hoped that Theresa could give us more information on the murders which, at the moment, appeared to be the work of a Jack the Ripper copy cat.Theresa insisted it was the work of a werewolf.
Since all the murders had been of prostitutes and no one hates those ladies more than Father Blenk we decided it was time to confront him. It turns out that Katerina had been in contact with Blenk and had unknowingly been giving him my location. When Blenk became hostile with her she pulled out Rachael the angel. Outside I was harassed by a crowd who believed that it was people like me that had caused all the murders. When I showed them the error in their logic they soon became angry at Blenk for misleading them.
We entered the church to find Blenk sobbing. He had been ordered to follow Katerina but had hoped to humiliate me in the process. His anger had stayed with him and he still wanted to prove his power over me. We left him there broken and alone. I knew he would not bother me again.
We tried once more to find Stella but were again attacked. Stella was murdered by a homeless man who had the name Charles on his mind.
The only Charles we found connected to the prostitutes was Charles Witherspoon. He also happened to be a man from my past. He had tried to take my girls and convince them to steal things for him. He was apparently doing the same thing here except giving the girls medical care in return.
We decided to preform a seance hoping to talk to Jack the Ripper because we believed he was taking over the bodies of homeless me to kill prostitutes. What we found was much more shocking. Jack the Ripper had been Charles's wife. She had been killed in London but her jealousy continued in the after life and she continued to murder her husbands' patients.
We all ran to the Witherspoon house where the ghost had gone in a rage. She attacked us with knives and was only stopped when her urn was broken on the ground and her ashes scattered.

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