Jack the Ripper or Jean the Ripper?
By Elise LeBeau
Boston, Sunday January 8th, 1899

It seems the horrible crimes of Jack the Ripper, that horrible monster that plagued the city of Whitechapel those few years ago, has resurfaced, here in Boston. Night after night, ladies of the evening have been found, their bodies mutilated beyond recognition, and just within reach, an indigent gentleman, also dead…of unknown causes. Each night it is the same, the same horrible violent deaths of these women, and their assumed assailants, each with a bloody knife nearby. Police have been baffled, unable to find any leads.
However, there is a connection. Every one of these women have a connection, and that connection is a doctor, who out of the kindness of his heart looks after the well being of these women. However he holds a dark secret. This gentleman’s wife was the final victim of the horrible slayings in Whitechapel, in England, the work of the infamous Jack the Ripper. Or was she? Her body was found, much like the others, and Jack’s clothing and tools nearby. Perhaps this was the last murder he would commit, and left them? Or was she Jack the Ripper?
This investigator has found proof, through extensive research into the paranormal, that Jack the Ripper did indeed kill these poor fallen sisters, and that Jack the Ripper was this doctor’s wife! During an investigative séance, the spirit of that poor doctor’s wife was brought forth, and she growled and cursed and threatened all who were in attendance. It seemed that the worst fears were true, that the spirit of Jack the Ripper, this woman, she sought out those who her husband had treated, and possessed any poor indigent man who was in the area, and brutally stabbed these women to death, slashing the brutalizing the bodies till their entrails and blood covered the ground. No woman walking the night was safe. No gentleman down on his luck was safe from becoming the host of this horrible monster. Night after night, the fog covering the city in murky gloom, another woman was horribly, brutally murdered. It seemed it would never end.
How do you defeat a ghost? After the séance, it was obvious that the unsolved murders by Jack the Ripper and the unsolved murders here in Boston were done by one and the same. But that person was dead, a ghost, and what’s more shocking, a woman. This poor doctor must be made aware, and as this investigative team rushed to the doctor’s house, it was obvious that we were too late. We arrived in to greet a maelstrom in the parlor, a tornado of objects swirling about the small room, and in it’s very center, the ghost herself! Hands and arms grew not into fingers, but into sharp blades, and she attacked everyone in the room! Knick knacks transformed into knives by ectoplasmic forces! The poor doctor was assailed and trapped by his monstrous wife. This reporter and her team suffered many wounds from these knives which when stabbed into our bodies transformed once again into mundane objects. This reporter would have died if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of her teammate who quickly scattered the ashes of that ghost, causing it to at last find some peace and leave this earthly plane forever. Now Boston’s working women may walk safer at night.

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