To the attention of William Randolph Hearst,

It is i Jacques LeBeau illusionist and magician extraordinaire sending my informational review of our current situation. We had arrived in Boston chasing rumors about a Jack the Ripper copycat killer running rampant through Boston Commons. We began our investigation at MacFinn's Pub a shabby low ranked bar near the park. Upon entering the decrepit establishment we where met with great disdain and impoliteness as a large burly mountain of a man named Jenkins approached us and began to threaten us with vows of violence. Before i had time to reason with the giant he struck me hard in the mouth with a head spinning right jab, and so in retaliation and a clean case of self defense i stabbed the man in the chest. After the unpleasantness of the fight had passed we received information of a nearby prostitute that named Stella that might have more information on the situation. All we could gather from the bartender is that all the victims where prostitutes and at every crime scene the assailant was a homeless man found dead with a bloody knife nearby. We decided to rest up for the night and headed for a nearby hotel just to be ambushed by a mad man with a cleaver. I killed the man but only after he severely wounded both Katerina and Alexandria. John rushed them to the hospital with some of the others while Elise, Vivienne, Vinny, and i waited for the police to explain what had happened. After being wrongfully arrested and eventually cleared of any charges we met our colleges outside of the precinct and learned of a priest spreading slanderous lies and posting fliers of Alexandria as a lowly whore. Which i found insulting to not only to her but to the church that entrusted this man with that kind of power to abuse. After clearing up our legal issues and digging up more info on the murders i was lead to believe that Werewolves or the ghosts of Revolutionary War soldiers where to blame. After consulting with several sources and killing another degenerate homeless man whom had attacked us and killed the prostitute Stella we where lead to believe that Jack the Ripper's spirit was behind all this. We also learned that a nearby doctor named Charles Witherspoon had a free clinic in town to specifically tend to the street walking women for free. Thanks to some careful research on Elise's part we learned that this doctor's wife was the last of Jack the Ripper's victims. Determining that the ripper had a grudge against the doctor we sought him out for clarification and all we got was gibberish about how he loved his wife and she was an innocent victim. So after confronting the priest and clearing Alexandria's name with the locals we sought out a spiritual summoner to form a ritual seance and contact Jack the Ripper's ghost. We got the ghost of the doctors deceased wife whom declared that the doctor would be killed for treating these prostitutes and that we where to share his fate for interfering. So as we rushed to secure the doctor i was possessed and attacked my associates with extreme agility and grace that shouldn't be possible for a crippled man like myself. After being promptly battered and kicked through a door by my dear friends and companions i awoke to discover that the spirit had left my body and we continued on our way to the house of the doctor. After fighting off ghostly knives and the wicked spirit of a deranged and horrid wife John managed to scatter her ashes and banish her from this world. We returned to the police, gave them our information on the killer and decided to retire to a peaceful country villa we heard of for some much needed and well earned vacation time.

Dictated by Jacques LeBeau, Written by Vivienne LeRouge

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