Boston by John
We heard there were some disturbances of a natural that could be considered occult. It was a long train ride up there and when we finally got there we could not get into the library which was where we were to find our contact and get information on the events. Frustrated I almost tried to kick the doors in when I realized I hadn’t had a drink in a while. I convinced my group to head to the local tavern in search of some “leads”. Wouldn’t you know it; as soon as we get there our gypsy tag-along picked a fight with a local thug and even stabbed him. I didn’t let it ruin my drink thou. Someone insulted Alex and that DID ruin to mood. As we left toward our hotel we walked thru the park. We came upon a murder scene and before I knew what was happening there was a wild vagrant on us with a butcher knife. He moved like a cat only stabbing our ladies in the group. The gypsy finally threw some explosive on him that killed him. Seeing that Alex was loosing blood fast I ran her to the hospital. On the way out of the hospital Alex found a flier warning the townsfolk that she was a sinner.
We met back up with our group at the police station and discussed the situation with officer who was less than helpful. The next day, after good nights sleep us finally got into the library and received directions to an empty house... We then decided to look for a contact at the train station and that we found. The man there directed us to a coffee shop and there we found Theresa. She was knowledgful of the occult and that was refreshing but she suggested a werewolf spirit was responsible and that was just ridiculous. I sated the group wondering by purchasing wolf bane and testing it on us. Theresa did bring to light some new info on the cultists and that was also nice but, Alex was growing angry at whom-ever made those fliers and demanded we attend to that. We went to the church of said priest and the nun entered and resolved the matter while an angry mob braded us. We then decided to go to a working girl we heard of as a lead. We were getting nowhere when suddenly someone threw a knife thru her throat. Then he attacked us. The gypsy returned fire and dropped him. We fled the scene and made way to our next lead (another lady of the streets). We found out that all the girls shared a doctor and he was crooked. Talking to him proved no leads. I then thought a séance was in order. This led us to find that the doctor’s wife (who was murdered) was the responsible party. She made threats against Theresa and we followed suit. Arriving at Theresa’s house the gypsy was possessed and I kicked him out.
We then ran to the doctor’s house where his wife’s spirit had already manifested and seemed to want to kill everyone. I saw an urn which could have only been her ashes and knew I had to release her from this world. While debris flew everywhere I ran in and grabbed it, then ran out to figure out a way. First I tried to exorcism her with a blessed candle. When that didn’t work I spread those ashes on the snow outside. Things became calm inside and all seemed well. Theresa invited us back to her place in Salem for refugee from the cult that attacked us before. I just wanted to learn more of the occult from her friends. Her friend Hellsbia told me I could access my latent abilities by concentrating on a spoon. I still am having no success.

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