Here we are in Boston, a bit too close to home for my comfort. People on the train oddly knew a member of our group. I had a bit of a time trying to get a drink in a pub. In a pub mind you! With all the yelling I did and the five I put down they only paid attention to Jack. The scuffle was cut short by the cheat stabbing the sod. Hate them scotts anyway what with not giving a man a drink when called for. We only just learned of the murders of Boston to be welcomed by the scream of death. A haggard butcher was there what killed a lady and took a cut out of our team.
We went looking for some witch er other who said it been a werewolf busy in town. Then we go off looking for some bloody hore what died the moment we got there. Yet again we are left to deal with another angry man with knives. Here we are seeking out yet another "lady of the night". We then found that some priest was here spreading rumors of Alexandria being a hore. Bit of rubbish I thought for what seemed like an upstanding woman. There was this man, Hitherspoons or something who we pegged for the crimes. We found him to be helping the ladies and in return they steal for 'im.
There was a ghost specialist in town that we met with. After certain members of our party tried to ruin it we made with a séance. We met a lady slain by the Ripper of London. She gave us indication this all had something to do with that Spoons bloke. We made way back to the witch for some information only to have Jack attack her. John put him right out. Now that I think of it, bit odd Jack and Jack the Ripper... makes a bit of sense. We made haste for the home of Spoons to find a spirit attacking him with blades circling the room. After several failed attacks and some knives in every body I tried to reason with the ghost and Spoons. That John took the urn with her ashes and threw them out the front door. The demon vanished.
We were taken then to the home of the witches in Salem. I was forced to leave my excuisite bottle of Amatillado out at the entry with intentions to pick it up later. I left a card with my name next to it and yet some bloody git drank the thing. If that wasn't enough I had voices talking to me. They expected me to ignore it but they just wouldn't stop. With luck I was called from the house by letter. I had asked Alexandria to accompany me and we made off to Connecticut... my father's home. Not particularly where I wished to be. We announced our later return and made off. Oh and Elise is to be a witch or something of the sort. I wasn't really paying any mind but I do remember the mention of it.

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