After years since being with the old gang, I finally feel like I belong again. It feels good to be raising hell again. From the minute I first opened that door, it felt like old times, just getting out there and blazing through a situation. My mind is pretty hazy on some of the details, but I can remember it started with a showdown with about a dozen Orientals with swords, and they were rough, but no match for something like Elise LeBlanc.

Elise. To be frank, I have no idea what I could do if things ever turned bad between us. I watched as she and the magician nearly massacred an entire warehouse of armed men. She can make the ground swallow a man whole whenever she wishes and throw a boulder across a room. Caleb, too, is far more powerful than any man I have ever known. I cannot stop for very long to consider some of the things I have seen by now, it is simply too much to handle. I have been among the stars and now they are apparently my home as well. The others tell me that what is going on is actually exposure to some kind of disease, and that is no comfort.

What truly frightens me is that I have begun to notice changes in myself as well. I suppose I should have known I would face a change when Vic Breslin, of all people, was able to knock a man out from 10 feet away. But I can stare a man in the face and understand what is going on in his head. I can even make him think a thought that I am thinking. I have tried to ignore this, but it seems to be growing stronger by the day. I would never tell that dandy to his face, but I am truly grateful for his company, he is the last connection I have to anything else I have ever known in the world.

Anyway, after we went into Hong Kong, I remember bits and pieces. I definitely remember the Qiu Jin, what a woman. I remember nearly blinding some driver and trying to get information out of his passenger, I cannot say as I really understand what I was thinking with that one. I remember going to New Orleans of all places and meeting some colored voodoo woman, and I feel as if I remember stumbling through a graveyard with Elijah and seeing a spirit. I remember fighting a man who had a gun that fired nothing but gas and could stop bullets in midair.

Should anyone ever read this, I have no doubt that they will question my sanity. I sometimes wake up and am unable to believe that my life is real, and perhaps I am dead and currently in Hell. But I know the Hell waiting for me would be nothing like this and that all these things actually happened. Oh well, things have not been this good for me in a very long time. I spent years trying to escape the demons, but my old life and the man I used to be seems like a lifetime ago now. As strange as things may be right now, that is a good thing.

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