We seem to be making our way through quite a number of cities! I hope that none end as terribly as Philadelphia. It would be terribly discouraging to not be allowed to return anywhere in the north east! Elise received some information about a strange robbery of a museum so we are off to New York. Celio is left behind and I can't say that I blame him. Clearly this is more than any of us bargained for. I am frightened by the prospect of being a full fledged member of La Lumiere but I know I do not have a choice. I am some how touched by this madness.
On the train we meet a gypsy named Jacques as well as an angel. Yes, you are reading that correctly. The nun has more up her sleeve than I would have guessed! The angel saves us from some would-be robbers who repent.
In New York we are followed by a young homeless child. Who took an interest in the nun. John insisted we keep him. Our first stop was to meet Elise's boss William Hearst to find out what he knew about the robbery. A sarcophagus has been stolen during the night. It was mysterious because of it's massive size and weight. The thieves had left behind a pentagram.
At the scene of the crime we met with the museum curator and John's old friend Angelo Chandler. We were shown around and everyone was interested in the black powder scattered around the room. None of us could identify what it was. Renval found that the lock had been professionally picked. With some research we found out more about the contents of the coffin. Ramla was an oracle of Bubastis which is a city that worshiped the cat goddess Bastet.
Our next lead was to begin visiting houses of those who appeared in the museum's visitors log. While on the street a man tried to pick pocket Renval. There was a scuffle and we learned the man was a gypsy. Hoping his clan would have some information about the strange powders at the museum we forced him to lead us there.
The gypsies were less than helpful and we left with nothing but John nearly burning to death.
Next Gao lead us to a burning building. We saw that there was a man inside tied to the ceiling. The others tried to rescue him and fight off the men in black robes while I tried to subdue the flames. It was apparent that the men wanted to take Gao. They were not successful. None of us could imagine what these cultists would want with the child.
In going to he hospital we found that the gang responsible for taking the sarcophagus had been attacked by some sort of panther. They had been hired by William Hearst to steal the thing so he could have a good story for his newspaper. Once we found the sarcophagus we spoke to the goddess Bastet who was angry that it had been disturbed. We promised her it would be safely returned so that she could be appeased.

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