I’ve lost my Mummy
By Elise LeBlanc
New York, January 4th, 1899

What mysteries do those long dead, ancient Egyptians carry to us even to this day? Their everlasting architecture, so perfect in its symmetry intrigues and baffles even the modern man, with our exacting rules and measures. For what reason do they exist, and why did they wrap and enshroud their honored dead, and place them in such looming, giant tombs that reach to the sky even today, so long after their shedding of this mortal coil? And why, on earth, would anyone want to steal one?
That is the question this reporter sought to answer when visiting the Museum of World History, here in New York. A mummy, rumored like all mummies, to carry a curse on those who would disturb them, was discovered to be missing. The guards, trustworthy fellows that they are, heard not a sound, and nothing was remaining in the space, save for a mysterious pentagram where it was last seen. With some investigation, we found a line of brick dust, part of perhaps some ancient gypsy ritual to keep out spirits, guarding every doorframe. The hunt was afoot!
When we came across those gypsies, no information could be gathered as to why there was a line of dust at all the doors, perhaps this clue was more of a red herring than we had thought, though we were given the clue that a certain gang of New York was behind the ordeal. During the scuffle, one of our investigators was hurt by some sort of odd gypsy magic and was to be rushed to the local hospital.
What we found at that hospital confounded and confused us. The aforementioned gang was there, holding the poor nurses and doctors hostage, and it was only the quick thinking of this reporter and friend, a fellow woman, who cleared the gang of any wrong doing, and saw that their wounds were healed. They were attacked by some monstrous beast, a giant cat, that seemed to appear out of nowhere and slash and bite with fearsome claws at the various members of the gang. But where had it come from, and where did it go, and most of, what was the connection to this and the stolen mummy?
We had uncovered some leads, in that the mummy was no ordinary mummy, but in fact the remains of Ramla, the oracle of Bubastis, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of cats. Was it in fact a goddess, in the form of a giant cat who attacked and killed a number of gang members? We acquired the address of the antiques shop whom the gang had sold the sarcophagus to, and rushed to find out some answers before anyone else was attacked.
We found the poor shop keeper, and woke him up, hoping to do what we could to calm this angry spirit and did our best to lay the mummy to rest again. A lo, what did we behold a voice, the voice of the goddess Bastet herself thanked us for her help. No one else was attacked by a fearsome cat. But did the gang act alone? Were they that organized to do that alone?

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