To the attention of William Randolph Hearst,

It is I Jacque LeBeau reporting about the Museum Robbery as I agreed to do. I and my associates arrived at the Museum to find that the police had restricted access from us. So I easily charmed them with my graceful wordplay and managed to get them to accept us as investigators of this kind of thing. The guards had no choice but to submit to my wiles and allow me and the others access to the museum.

The police informed us that there had been a large sarcophagus stolen from the Egyptian room of the library. We were shown a pentagram in the center of the floor where the coffin had been displayed. There was a great deal of black pepper on the ground around the pentagram that told me it was nothing more than a scare tactic to intimidate the police. I also noticed that there was very little room in the museum halls to move the casket without damaging the doorways or walls. There was some red brick chalk in front of the doorway that leads to the back exit. It was positioned in a manner that seemed similar to an old warding ritual that we Gypsies use. Upon better examination of the area we noticed a second line in front of the large entrance leading me to believe that it was positioned to ensure no evil spirits escape or enter.

The backdoor was picked by a professional thief of great skill and leads me to believe that there were some religiously fanatic gypsies. I checked the room over thoroughly and found no trap doors or suspicious escape methods leading me to assume that the thieves where using some very advanced techniques I have yet to encounter or study. Upon realizing that it was impossible to remove this coffin under a ten minute time frame given by the guards I decided to question them more fully. I found out that they took a short break from their rounds and that gave the thief’s enough time to get the sarcophagus out of the building.

I inspected the logbook of visitors to see if anyone visited the museum more than once during the last few weeks. The cameraman wrote down the names and found one that was mentioned twice in the same week it was a Miss Michelina Carmellero. I decided to research the coffins occupant and see if there was some sort of curse or rite that was involved with it. Upon finding some details about the Oracle of Bubasta and the influence she had during her life. I then decided to visit the young woman from the logbook and see what she knew of the robbery. It appeared that the woman was actually just a teacher that had visited once with some students of her school. The cameraman copied the name twice in an attempt to meet a young woman. That is the problem with the youths today they don’t understand that there is more to life than women, such as magic and wealth.

We then had a wandering Roma Gypsy named Gabori pickpocket the good Count’s wallet however I noticed this and tried to stop him. He drew a knife on me and I tried to disarm him. However he was to frantic for me to get a grip on his lade and then the Count bashed him over the head knocking him out and causing a minor cut along the count’s arm. The nun patched up the cut and I dragged the man into an ally where I disarmed him and convinced him to take us to his camp to see what they had to do with this robbery.

Dictated by Jacque LeBeau, written by Vivienne LeRouge.

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