Curse of the Cat
I arrived at the Museum of world history following a lead that there was a mysterious robbery of a sarcophagus. It was an exquisite exhibit on loan to the museum for six months now from London. The sarcophagus contained “Ramla” an oracle of Bubastis. I know Bubastis to be a great Egyptian City known from their worship of Bast. Bast is a figure in Egyptian mythology depicted as a Cat who was worshiped as a Goddess. With this knowledge I still had no idea who would want to steal Ramlas sarcophagus.
The mystery was not only in the why but, also in the how. The room where it was stolen was depicted in a red pentagram, black powder of unknown source surrounded the absent pedestal and the was a faint outline of brick powder outlining the room. There were no drag marks and the door was locked.
Upon further inspection it seemed that the lock was indeed picked “By a professional” my teammate Count Renval stated. This led my thinking away from the supernatural and more toward expert thievery.
I had asked a young vagrant boy to accompany us after he displayed some interesting abilities at the train station and I wanting to examine him further. While at the museum he heard growling from a nearby air vent but couldn’t determine the source. I discounted this, my mind already straying from supernatural explanations.
I decided to brush up on Ramla in the public library to find any reason for stealing her corpse. All I found I didn’t know was that she was known as an oracle of divine power and precognition very close to the goddess Bast.
Afterward on the way out of dinner the count was pick pocketed and teammate Alexandria noticed and alerted the count who promptly Sapped the thief with the hilt of his sword but not after he was stabbed in the arm by said thief. After reviving the thief for questioning he stated he was from a gypsy camp. Teammate Jacques who recently insisted on joining prompted the group to have him lead us to his gypsy camp to question them about the brick dust at the museum.
Upon approaching the gypsy camp I felt a magical essence about the tents drawn to inspect them I opened one and was overcome with a rush of heat and fell Ill. I remember the gypsy woman I talked with being very curt and not friendly. They were not forthcoming with information on the essence I felt or the brick dust. They inferred that they were being blamed stereotypically. I think I lost consciousness because of the curse I received from touching their tents. I was awaked covered with snow. Apparently Alexandria decided that was a way of curing the fever. The gypsies did point us in the direction of local thieves in an area known as “Five Points” where a gang called the Bowery Boys stayed.
After visiting the hospital to bandage the counts arm and overhearing that people were being mysteriously mauled. The young boy seemed alarmed and ran off. I took notice and followed as he seems very intense. He led us to a burning store where Black robed figures demanding us to turn over the boy. They conjured fire in their hands and threw it at us igniting Vinny. The battle was epic. After our victory defeating the cultists and extinguishing the fire. I took the unconscious shop keep that was dangling over a fire to the hospital.
Unluckily the hospital was overrun by terrorist of some sort. Our team infiltrated the hospital without any fatalities and spoke with the leader of the gang holding hostages there. The leader stated that they were hounded by a large cat that was killing his members and they were at the hospital for treatment. The crook let loose that he was hired by Elise’s boss the steal the sarcophagus and had sold it to a friend of the team who purchases item of that sort. The group ran to Elise’s boss for answers and found him being attacked as well by a cat.
This led me to the conclusion that those murders were connected to the robbery. Bast was a cat goddess and Ramla was her servant. The wrongs done to her sarcophagus had to be undone.
We tracked down our friend who didn’t seem to remember us but had the sarcophagus none the less. I sweated as I didn’t want to invoke Basts wrath as well. Then I preceded the repose the corpse of Ramla and say a prayer to Bast.
I was mortified when a booming voice overtook the room and commanded we take the sarcophagus to its rightful resting place. The cat goddess Bast was real and talking with me. She was the one exacting the curse. I promised to uphold her wishes and now I have Religion.

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