New York City
After the events in Baltimore we were all officially inducted as members of the group La Lumiere. We were given rings and told we could find contacts in any city by goin to the major library there and going into the reading room.
Elise had been summoned by her boss to report on a robbery at the Museum in New York and we suspected that the nature of the robbery reeked of the Red Death. A sarcophagus had gone missing. While on the train headed to New York there was a skirmish with some common street thugs. Feeling intimidated, I sought the help of the divine and a beautiful but powerful force appeared and scared the hell out of everyone present. Just before this, however, a man named Jaques, a french gypsy stood up to the hoodlums. After the angelic encounter, he introduced himself and his manager Vivienne to us and decided of his own accord to follow us.
When we arrived at the museum and spoke to the curator we learned that the sarcophagus belonged to one very powerful woman named Ramuh who was involved in the cat-worsipping cult of Bubastus. Upon inspection there appeared to be red chalk lines at all entrances to the room in which the sarcophagus had been. According to gypsy folklore the chalk lines were meant either to contain evil or to keep evil in. Wanting to know whetherthere was still an evil presence in the room I asked my angelic protector whom I had become acquainted with whether she sensed any evil or not. She told me telepathically that an evil had been there but had since left.
While in the city we met a young homeless boy named Gau (I think since that's all he ever says) and we fed him. He has an ability to see things that others cannot. He could see Rachel when she was not manifest. John decided we should take him along and feed him since he had this unique power.
While following up on some lead at the library Gau had a coniption fit and began to run off. His destination was a grocery store set on fire. Inside the burning building was a man suspended by ropes over the flames and appeared to us four cloaked men carrying swords and demanding the boy. We did away with these men and put out the fire not without acuiring some injuries of our own. At the hospital there was a hostage scene taking place and upon gaining entry to the hospital we found the ringleader to be in horrible shape. He said that Elise's boss Hearst was next on the list to be mutilated. We ran to find Hearst in his office terriffied and bellowing about a huge cat. It soon came out that all the people being attacked by this huge cat were involved in the thft of the sarcophagus each for their own reasons. We learned that the sarcophagus was at the antiques dealer's place and went there straightaway being cautious of even the most innocent of street cats.
At the dealer's store we found the sarcophagus and John, to appese the spirit of Ramuh, said a prayer and shifted carefully the contents of the coffin. We were warned to send the sarcophagus back to it's original resting place and made arrangements to do so.

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