Celio and Dan stayed behind in Phillis and Dan was looking to set back a few of the Hellfire Club. We made our way for New York. We met a man named Jack on the train who seemed to know of the red death. I might have gone a bit heavy on the drink because I remember seeing an angel. There were some bloody lunatics robbing the train and they were stopped by Katrina doing something. Unless the angel was... don't be daft. Those poor innocents at the table, I kept them safe. Any stray bullet could have taken their entire being to the ground no longer living to give enjoyment to others.

Off the train we met a strange beggar child holding a sign. He seemed to be able to sense something about Katrina. John brought him with, though I can't imagine what good a poor boy would be. We went to the Journal where we learned of a mummy gone missing and strange things about the museum. In the museum we found black powder around the room along with a pentagram. There was a slight bit of chalk along a doorway and I had noticed the lock at the door was very cleanly picked. We found the guards had been otherwise engaged and so not following their duties. The others went to do some research. It was found that this particular coffin belonged to someone from Bubastis.

We made off to find some people of interest and I piked a fight with a small man trying to steal my wallet. I put him to the ground in a blow and we questioned him. He took us to a camp of gypsies in the midst of a snow filled park. We met the leader who had indicated no involvement with the theft. We later followed Gao who ran to a burning grocery in town. There was a man tied up over the fire unconscious. We went in to get him down but we were stopped by four men in dark cloaks. A few of us were hampered and the boy managed to free us as the figures were getting closer. One of them, a flame just flew from his hand like nothing I have seen and I knew this was a tight scratch. Like that people were on fire and everyone was miffed. They demanded the child and spoke something of an awakening.

I may have been a bit mished as I could not escape from the bloody net. The rest were fighting off the cultists and yet again there was a burst of fire and yet another was aflame. I found myself behind one of the cultists and went at him all hammer and tongs. I shortly noticed a red hand on his back only to find it inch further down my blade then he quickly met death. I kept a cloak in my possession, we freed the poor man, and we fled from that place. We later found that a gang had been sent to steal the mummy and the casket was on the possession of our buyer mister Jackson. A black panther had been killing the gang off through a black panther. The Journal owner had done this to stir up stories. We found the casket and set the angry being to rest by promise we would return her to her rightful place.

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