Today, my friends, my tale is quite different that the ones I usually find myself telling you. In general I find myself exposing the truth in creatures which are, generally in polite civilized society, considered the dust of imaginations of a more primitive, superstitious people. No, they walk the earth as surely as you, my friends find yourselves. Do not close off your world from the possibility of what you would call the unnatural. They walk. This story, is however, not within the scope of the unnatural and supernatural. This horror is man-made, though just as real.
My colleagues and I found ourselves aboard a mighty luxury sailing vessel, bound for the lands “across the pond” to London, we were bound. On that ship, one of my fellows happened to come across a certain scientist, who was building a machine that was able to take photographs of your insides without your insides being outside. Pictures of your living skeleton! Imagine that, how much help that would aid to doctors in mending bones, seeing what has turned your stomach in knots. Seems like a miracle, doesn’t it? We should rejoice that science has advanced us to such miraculous heights!
But this science has a dark side to it as well. It seems that the Scientist had an assistant, who had gone missing, but where? On an ocean liner there was a finite number of places a man can hide, unless that man was invisible.
Impossible, you say? I’ve seen it with my own eyes, in a way. Apparently the assistant had been exposed to this scientist’s X-ray bone picture machine, and instead of exposing a photographic plate to the bone structure of this assistant, it caused him to be gone from human sight! It also, I’m afraid, drove this man to be quite insane. This scientist, whom was absent-minded, I fear had simply dismissed his assistant to have run off, and this assistant took a much unholy vengeance upon his former employer, using the machines he himself developed.
Alas, we were too late to help that scientist, and his fate was most horrible. Imagine, if you will, that your entire skeletal structure was at once removed from your body! A pile of surprised goo was what was best found at the murder scene. Most horrible! So this invisible assistant had found a way to do such a monstrous thing with a machine that was designed to help humanity!
Little did we know that our fellow was to be the next potential victim of this mad specter of a man. It was only his fast-acting, and a bit of dust and such that had been collecting at the bottom of my purse that we were able to foil this foul invisible madman. I came upon our shared suite on the ocean liner, to find my friend somehow shadow-boxing and losing. How could nothing but air land such devastating blows? I quickly scooped out my aforementioned dust (from another earlier adventure, I don’t keep my purse lined with dusty muck, I assure you) and blew it onto the invisible man in front of me. To our surprise we found that the dust had stuck all over this man, who we soon discovered was quite inappropriately in his birthday suit to keep unnoticeable. Now that we were able to determine that our attacker was not a unearthly spirit from beyond, but a simple man, we were quickly able to apprehend him, and take him into the proper authorities in England.
So what now? What of this machine? What if this science is found again, and loosed upon the world? What shall we do to stop it? What morals do the men of science have to stop themselves from creating a machine of such power, and have it fall into the hands of the wrong people? An army of invisible men invading our shores? Take heart, constant readers, that we must trust these learned men to not let that happen.

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