Though I am continuing to work with the group I have not yet given up on my dream to once again run a successful brothel. Because of this one of my first stops in Philadelphia was the Kitty Kat Ranch. I was accompanied by Celio who would make a very good future customer if I wasn't worried that my girls would run off with him. The other chose to pursue various leads including a liquor store and a bakey. Apparently this brothel was connected with our newest assignment and I was more than willing to check in on the local business market. The madam, Vivian, was very upset when we arrived. She told us that she had struck a deal with the Hellfire Club to provide them a virgin. As you know a girl should always have a right to choose her profession, virgin or no, but this girl was forced to accept the offer because of her financial status. Despicable! Celio and I agreed to find Sophie and bring her home safely.
When we returned to the group the one who calls himself Count Renval asked for some help with a new business he acquired. He had found the owner of Schmidt Liquors deceased and hoped to forge the documents to make the store his own. While going through the paper work we were interrupted by the police. When questioned our lies did not match up and we found ourselves in jail. You can only imagine my anger! I thought I had been doing rather well with my cover story! I should have known that Renval would only lead me to trouble! His schemes are just as terrible as his lies about his identity. I suppose we are lucky to have a priest and a nun on our side. Even the police will believe every word they say for we were soon out of jail and back with the rest of the group. The priest has managed to save Sophie as well though I am not aware of all the details. The group was also joined by Liesel Schreiner. She was a former member of La Lumiere who had gone undercover in the Hellfire Club. La Lumiere had not heard from her in sometime because she had gone rogue. Our mission was to learn what Hellfire Club was up to but Liesel had seen too much. She wanted the club destroyed.
Back at our hotel we were greeted with Haddo himself who made a wager with us over a game of chess. Unfortunately we lost and knew we had to keep our bargain to leave Philadelphia. At this point the priest made the ridiculous move of pulling out a pistol and shooting Haddo in the chest. We all were shocked to see him disappear right before our eyes. These actions, though, left us no choice but to fight him. For most of us this was just not an option. We decided to leave the priest behind to take on the club with the help of Liesel.

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