Come Hellfire
By Elise LeBlanc
Philidephia, January 3rd, 1899
Since the dawn of man, humans have sought ways to accumulate power over the average man. To control space and time and reality itself, and use that power to influence and change the world around them, for good or evil. One such club, one such coven where such evil was carried out, is the Hellfire Club. Active since the creation of this great nation, and perhaps even before that time, this club has had such famous amongst its ranks as our founding fathers, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and many, many more.
Thought of these days as nothing more than a gentleman’s club, an escape from the everyday rush and rumble of the world, and a place of peace and relaxation, perhaps nothing more debaucherous than any group of men might get into with plenty of scotch on hand. Perhaps in the days of our founding fathers, this was the aim of the “social club.” But not any more. This place is a den of evil that breeds those who would seek power and use it to destroy the world and all that is good in it. That monster that is the Red Death finds its way into this lair.
This reporter found herself, along with her new team, sent to investigate this den, and the horrors we found were numerous. The name of that horror is Oliver Haddo. Haddo founder of a new “religion” called Thelema, rejected all that was good and godly in the world and cursed god’s name, sought power through occult dealings and in short, lived and breathed evil. Evil that was beginning to swallow the ancient and stately city of Philadelphia.
In studying this cult, one of my fellow investigators found himself locked in the dungeon of this place, a human sacrifice to some horrible demon, surly his unlucky fate. Knocked out and locked in that level of hell for the mere act of asking to be let into this horrible house’s walls. Luckily he escaped, after rescuing a woman locked there from some dark and sinister and gruesome fate. Just when we thought him lost to us, he escaped, and fled to where we were staying in hopes of finding out more about it.
Imagine our surprise when this horrible, ugly spotted with boils…man was waiting for us when we returned to our rented rooms. The infamous Oliver Haddo was there, waiting for us. At our desk, after he had rifled through our personal belongings, he had placed a chess set.
A chess game ensued that would change our lives. The stakes were high, if we won the chess game, he promised to leave town and never set foot in it again, letting the Hellfire Club revert back to its old ways of being a gentleman’s social club. If we lost, we would have to leave town, and this horrible cult would continue to grow in Philadelphia.
Here it is, January 3rd…and we are no longer in Philadelphia. Stay away from the Hellfire Club, it’s sure to be nothing but a den of evil. God help us all.

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