Let’s go Cult hunting

I hear tell of a cult who practices evil magicks. I figure that would be a good place to find out more about mysterious happenings. First me and my group catch wind of rumors of disappearances in Philadelphia. The rumors were surrounding an old establishment called “Monk Hall”. This was the site of a supposedly broken up Rich-men’s debauchery club. It was said that after getting close to the club but out of sight that your presence was mysteriously “Detected.” I and my companions thought at length of how to find out more about the on goings there. One of our members decided to infiltrate through liquor delivery. I and another member decided to research the area and structural plans. While other members seemed to have their own secret agendas.

After reconvening Research proved useless, the infiltrator landed a job as a delivery person. Our group priest informed us that he was part of another secret organization that already had knowledge of the cult leader. He said that the cult leaders name was Oliver haddo and he was a practitioner of powerful magicks that travels town to town recruiting others. Another member of our group determined to password for entry by interrogates the local bordello. Other members claimed to turn up nothing.

With newfound knowledge I decided to do more research which again turned up nothing more than evidence to a sewer entrance. Other members came forth with information that they had claimed a someone’s liquor store after finding him dead in the store only after being detained by police for questioning and needing the groups help to escape certain imprisonment. The delivery infiltrator had made her move and was about inside but a mysterious rogue stopped her and killed her contact claiming to have saved her life. The Priest in a “secret organization” was dubbed into entering unprepared. This lead he to waking in a cell and making a miraculous escape, rescuing a prisoner who was a virgin meant for sacrifice. On him way out he was chased by a cultist whom he convinced to join him and repent his ways.

After meeting all back at the hotel we were staying at we were met by the now identified leader Haddo. He offered us a chance at answers over a game of chess. All the members played against Haddo and lost due to lack of “teamwork.” The secret agent priest shot Haddo seeing that we had lost and he abruptly disappeared as blood leap from nothingness. The member who infiltrated but was stopped by the rogue had invited said rogue to meet up with us shortly thereafter. When she arrived she stated that she was going to storm the Monk Hall, the priest volunteered to join her. I felt very disturbed by the outcome of our tactics and most of all the outlandish priest who shot Haddo. I was tempted to join this Rogue in her attempts but quickly came to my senses. I and the rest of us decided to make good on our promise and leave town.

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