While still in Baltimore escaping the horrors of the Usher house we were contacted by a group of men who asked us to join a group called La Lumiere. la Lumiere's sole intention wa to investigate the Red Death. I agreed to join them in their investigations as did the rest of the group from the Usher house.
We found ourselves in the city of Philadelphia meeting a contact by the name of Thaddeus Jackson at the hotel in which we were to stay. The house we were to investigate here was seemingly an impenetrable fortress with police men guarding the perimeter. We heard that the only people who could enter and exit this house were service personnel and entertainers. The men who frequented this house were affluent and powerful. The name of the group was the "Hellfire Club". We lerned that one of the entertainers who was requested to be a virgin had gone to one of the Hellfire Clubs events never to be heard from again.
We split up and I decided to try and gain entry by working as a cateress with the one bakery that was allowed entry. I went in the morning and spoke to one of the brothers who owned the bakery. He gave me some menial tasks and paid me a dime. I wanted to speak to the brother who did the night deliveries, however, and he was due on later in the day. I decided to come back later. When I arrived later in the day I introduced myself to Blackburn. (Having been told that he eschewed the religious I neglected to wear my habit and convinced him that I wanted to see what a party was like.) Blackburn agreed to take me with him on his delivery to the Hellfire Club and off we went. Upon arriving at the club Blacburn and I approached the door. What happened next shocked me. There was a loud banging noise and Blackburn collapsed at my feet. He'd been shot dead. I ran back to the delivery carriage and began to try to get away when a woman appeared with a gun. She said her name was Liesel Schreiner and that she had absconded from La Lumiere because they were fools whose inacttion was only making things worse. I agreed to meet her at hte hotel at 11:00 PM that night. Meanwhile, I had a death to report to the police.
At the police station I discovered that the Count (I'll call him that since his real name is unknown to me) and Alexandria had been arrested for murder. Using Aiden as an alibi they were freed and everyone helped themselves to a delicious snack from the bakery truck before it was impounded.
Back at the hotel we were dismayed that Oliver Haddow, the main suspect from the Helfire Club was already in our room. He had a deal for us: we beat him ata game of chess and he'd pack up and go, otherwise, if we lost, we'd have to be out the next day. We lost. Not only that but Aiden shot Oliver Haddow in haste and the man disappeared.
That would be the end of our investigation into the Hellfire Club and our stay in Philadelphia. Not only that but Aiden, feeling responsible for the way things transpired went on a suicide mission with Liesel to the club and Celio, having found a job and a woman decided to stay on in Philadelphia.
The next morning we were on a train to go the next city.

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